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More than 50 order complete within 2 months still on level 0


Hello guys,

I’m with fiverr from 2013 September, completed total 88 ($850) orders. till date.

Out of it 54 order was done between december 2014 and jan 10/ 2015 .

I was active each and everyday from nov 25th '14 till today…

I have a 98% overall ratings and 4 hour responsiveness.

still I’m on level 0.

Why is this happening with me? I saw some seller with 10 or 12 orders and they are on level 1 :-/


Reply to @rated_seller01: in this case you should contact the Customer Support!


Reply to @salimboy: “reviews exchange” what do you mean by that?

same accounts buying multiple gigs because they wanted me to do extra works, like premium theme installation, gateway implementation and lots more…


Reply to @d3services: first of all don’t judge the entire country off the one person you know.

About your query on why one user buying multiple gigs, is because of the service I provide… for 1 gig I provide eCommerce cart installation, there is extra charges for customization like gateway installation,products upload & lot’s more.

Moreover people buying my gig’s are kind of middle man who takes orders from outside and get that done by fiverr seller at low cost…


Reply to @emeraldawnn: I’m not saying he’s cheating, just wondering why someone would buy from him over and over again, it’s not like the same guy bought it 10 or 15 times, he bought it like 30+ times.


maybe because your reviews are fake, did you use some “reviews exchange” service ? or multiple accounts ? because i noticed that the same accounts are rating you many times !


Reply to @d3services: Why would you think that? If his basic service is $5, and clients need something more than that service, they’re probably ordering more than $5 to satisfy their needs… This would equate to more than one gig for each buyer, especially since he can’t really offer any gig extras at the moment.


Reply to @rated_seller01: Why do you have the same buyer buying from you again and again? How is that even possible? You’re not the first Indian who does and complain about not being promoted. Are you somehow cheating to reach higher levels?


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Reply to @inspiredtony: I haven’t, COZ I don’t find any option on support form that fits this complain…

anyway will wait few days and then try any of the option from there.


Reply to @kjblynx: thanks, I will wait till the end of jan.


Reply to @laura35: it seems you’re on level 2, still this cow badge is showing.

something wrongs… :slight_smile:


Hmm, this is weird… I would contact them too :slight_smile:


this is rather strange… have you complained to customer support?


I guess we need to have different customers to get the badge , like 10 orders from 10 different customers , not sure , just assuming !!


Then he should be at level 1 atleast , we just need to be active for a month and get 10 orders and as he says he was active from 25th nov till today so he should have been given the badge , its better you complain to customer support . I too complaint on not getting promoted to level 1 and within few minutes i was promoted .


Reply to @sunshy1: Hey I got the same answer and I am still waiting for that day…

just don’t want to argue with support…

after all it’s just a badge and nothing else… it doesn’t provide any extra facilities which will be helpful for me, except the “custom order” I badly need it.