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More than 7 months over - Not getting any Orders

Hello, Can anyone advice me why I can’t get any single order.I got around 300-400 impressions with 1-2 click max.
Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.


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I have a couple of theories that might help you understand.

Firstly, you are selling services in a very over-populated category (design). For example, one of your gigs is for business card design. There are nearly 30,000 other sellers claiming to design business cards. This is immense competition.

Secondly, while I think your prices are very fair, there are thousands of other sellers offering the same as you for half the price or even much cheaper. For example, another of your gigs is for a WordPress landing page at $40 (a very fair price). But, there are many other sellers offering the same for $5.

Sadly, many - but not all - buyers are driven by price (wanting the cheapest).

In summary you are selling services in a very over-saturated market and asking prices that many of your competitors are beating. You will just have to hope that quality will eventually win and that someone will like the look of your gigs and place an order.


You’ve ‘welcomed’ people on at least six different threads. In each case people were asking a question and seeking an answer - not wanting to be welcomed.

To be clear, posting the same message on multiple threads will not lead to an order.


Your prices are High didographic. I just checked your profile.

Keep your prices $5 and only 1day delivery.

You will get orders then.


@english_voice Thanks for your suggestion.
Basically I have to provide best service with the lowest price to get my first order.


@prasadrenfred Ok I will create a $5 gig and 1 day delivery for testing.

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Best service, yes.

Lowest price, this is your choice.

You probably will eventually get an order by charging $5 and offering a 1 day delivery. But you have to be confident that this is right for you.


For logo or business cards $5 is not really good price for me. Still I will try once and see.

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I agree with you. But sadly there are many others offering what appears to be the same service as you for much cheaper. You either have to join them, or somehow demonstrate that your service is far better than your competitors. You can partly do this with examples of your work on your profile / portfolio, but without feedback it will be more difficult. Good luck.

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just be patient and send buyers request daily being active is the key for this, best of luck from me,.

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I agree that you have chosen probably the most populated categories to be an “expert” in and offer services. Add to that, there are also 100’s of new people signing up daily creating the same Gigs you just did.

If you are getting a few hundred impressions, but only a couple of clicks, that tells you that something about your Gig does not grab the attention of those who see it on a page with others offering the same thing. So, either you fell into the same pitfall of using basic stock images of logos or business cards - or are saying the same thing as everyone else about designing a minimalist logo or whatever - and it just does not stand out, make someone want to click to see more. Of course, the price range you are starting in may be what the market should bear, but for a new seller, and one in a category with other sellers who have ratings already on their profile, this probably will not work. Unfortunately, in the categories you have chosen, buyers have been “trained” in a sense to expect the world for $5.

If you have “unlimited revisions” or “100% money back guarantee” type of things on your Gigs, get rid of those too. Offer only a couple of revisions if you must, as the unlimited also tends to be like flies attracted to dung. Buyers will abuse the ability to keep you redesigning something, because, well, your Gig says you will! (If it does)



@english_voice I will try my best. Thank you

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@genuineguidance Thanks for your guideline.
Yes, you are correct. I will improve my gig description.