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More than just a headache?

Does anyone else find themselves getting a migraine after reading 3-5 Buyers Requests? :thinking:


It certainly is a tiring task going through them. But I go through half the request, the time and budget in a cursory manner.

But people needing 5 thoroughly researched articles, each of 1000-1500 words in 1 day for $5 make my head spin like crazy.


Yes, but then I stop banging my head off a wall and it goes away.


The buyer requests should have a “sort by budget” option.


I completely ignore the suggested budget and offer my services as it pertains to the request. I offer my quote as stated on my gigs and I have yet to receive some snappy message like, “that’s not the quote I offered.”

I’m sure that all fields shake loose totally different buyer types, but I’ve had fairly consistent work through buyers requests and haven’t had to deviate from my formula.

Specifically on your “beats” gig- try quoting your minimum and see if that plays out.


They should definitely have some filtering system in place, but before that they should probably provide more information about the buyers. For example, some freelance sites show data about buyer’s order history. How much they have spent, have they hired anyone before and what kind of reviews they have received from sellers.
We don’t need to show how much they have spent, but it would be helpful to see if they have purchased before and what kind of reviews they received.

Budget filter might help as well, but I usually ignore it. Buyers are always aware how much a certain service costs so they just put down some kind of number. (I’m not talking about buyers who state that their budget is $5 for an entire website :slight_smile: )

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The beats gig is just an experiment, I have a friend who’s a very accomplished beat maker and I put the gig there to get him some work (splitting profits 50/50).

For my own gigs, I’m basically not interested in any 5$ jobs, so the ability to simply delete all requests under a certain price point would come very in handy.

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Right…I hear you. I’m saying, for me (and for music making), I can land jobs at my actual prices by just corresponding and quoting my actual price. Once I’ve established a solid understanding and experience level for the gig, the buyer doesn’t haggle me over price.

From what I can tell about other fields- music may just be lucky in this aspect.


Why are so many of the buyer requests that show up in that feed, actually sellers that are advertising their services?


Because ruthless self promotion is what it is…

I see a lot of “sellers” get uptight about this issue…and yes, it’s tactless garbage…but in every aspect of sales (and that’s EXACTLY what business an entrepreneur is in), you’re gonna have to compete with tactless garbage…

The good news is that these sellers reveal themselves as desperate. The bad news is that, whatever works will continue to occur.


I’ve been using my desk. I’ll consider changing!

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I haven’t thought of that. I will try it!

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I wasn’t speaking in general. I was referring to that poster specifically. But…that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have a “beats” gig.

This is all you have to do:
*Own a laptop
*Call yourself a musician

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This is definitely true! I’ve been working on an acting career for over a year and I’ve had to train my brain to think like an entrepreneur!

I edited that when I saw that you were talking next person. However, once again, you are right.

I don’t worry about losing clients to sellers posting on buyer requests - the buyers that fall for that wouldn’t have budget for me either way. It’s just annoying to have to sift through all the garbage, that’s all.


Or maybe they would…there’s no telling if those sellers are receiving preemptive purchases from making posts. Again, I’m not saying that those sellers show any class or respect for the rules… but a community bulletin board has tons of onlookers. Does it effect us? No, not really. Should those sellers be strapped to the top of a car and driven to an all night “One Hit Wonder” disco party, with sensitive hearing aides forcibly stuck in their ears…yep.

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The annoying part of it to me is that it makes it more difficult to sift through actual requests.

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Ahahahah, I love your style man. Do you get problems with mods? I just got told (by them) that no trolling was allowed. They seem to want a pristine, fluffy, safe space in the forums. Not sure how well you would fit that xD

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I’m not trolling anyone. My voice is some self contained, Gonzo-esk, non- language of insanity. There’s a vast difference between playfully pointing out obvious answers by creatively skewering the OP concepts and just being some forum punk. I accept this forum for what it is… it’s not created to harbor every opinion. It has solid concepts in practice… we’re not allowed vulgarity, ruthlessness and unneeded destruction. Good…why should every forum be the same?

On the other hand, being original goes a long way. I’m laughing at the absurd tone I’m creating. Nine out of ten times, I’m the joke in my post. Mods discriminate based on the behaviors and patterns you establish…and they should. Intent is law. I don’t mean to embarrass anyone…and if I do, they probably called down the thunder…and if they did - the mods probably allow the example to be set.

I’m engaged in the conversation and hoping to learn like everyone else. I’m also parodying ridiculous concepts and entertaining myself.