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More than one Fiverr account

I am now working in Fiverr as a SEO Expert and my Brother is a Web Developer. He want to work in Fiverr. But If we Use Different PC but Same Broadband Connection So will there be a problem with our fiverr account?

Yes, it creates a problem. Read Fiverr TOS. Having more than 1 accounts on same IP is against the Fiverr TOS and Fiverr will ban all of these account.
Using same PC for using 2 fiverr is not a problem. But use different IP, payment method and phone number for your Fiverr accounts.

It is always best to be safe and contact CS and tell them what you are doing. Typically you can have two accounts on the same IP if you see different services and get permission from Customer Service to do so.

I wish to welcome your brother to Fiverr and wish you both well in your future endeavors here.

It is only a problem if the two accounts do not get permission from Fiverr CS.


@VickieSpencer is correct, it’s always best to let CS know what your plans are to avoid trouble.
Note: You must have a separate email :email: address and payment :moneybag: account.