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More then 10 gigs

Hello, everyone, I am a level one seller I have 10 gigs but yesterday I created a new gig so the total number of gigs reached 11 I mean according to the rules only 10 gigs are allowed so how is this happen?
Should I remove the Gig or keep it is

I think you need to remove one gig from your 11 gigs, if you want to show 11 gigs you need to pay to Fiverr.

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I have allowed only 7 gig why? I am trying 8th one it rejected.

I understand but i want to know why they are allowing me to have more gigs as a level one seller btw I will delete

you can make more then 10 gigs but only 10 gigs will be visible. Fiverr auto pause one of your old gig.

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