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More then 200 Orders and now this account is banned

First of all, I want to thank Fiverr a lot for deciding to suspend my account.
I had over 200 gigs bought and all the time when i was asked to talk or to pay outside of fiverr i refused.
Yesterday i decided to hire someone to help me with some problems on my PC.
The seller ask me to go on a live chat to talk much more about my problem.
I refused and my text was hided by fiverr automod. Yesterday they block my commend and account was banned for violating [Terms of Service]
Now i ask you guys what was against TOS in what i said?


you explain your problem to Fiverr team

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contact you fiverr support

its shocking. very painful for a seller if his/her account is banned even have enough orders.
try to contact the support team

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Only CS can help you, then write what they said here, I’m interested to know the reply.
I’ve got a thing like this, normally they analyze the message and approve it, but here…

Opps contact your Fiverr support

I did it. They can’t do anything :slight_smile:
I have to wait until Trust and Safety team will review my account.
It’s only been a week, it will probably take another 2-3 years to complete their analysis and then maybe(MAYBE) they will restore my account.