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More Value for Cheap Price

Hi, i have a 13+ experience Web Technologies ihncluding Static web content, dynamic application using java & J2EE and Mobile technologies including cutting edge like Google Firebase and others.

I have created my gig for 5$ dollers only, but still i have not received any orders. The price which i have coated and the value which i planning to deliver is unmatchable . However i not receiving any orders.

Do suggest me some tips to get some orders.


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Hi there. First of all you need to promote your gigs on social media and complete buyer requests regularly you will for sure get the order. You are in web category which is very competitive so you need to work hard and stand out from crowd.
check out this lady
she recieve so many orders per day but it takes time and effort to reach there. So dont lose hope it will take some time but you will do it. Focus on promoting your gig and improving your skill until the order start coming to you.

Thanks for your advice. will try to be best out of crowd