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More withdrawal options, Fiverr?


For some of us, fiverr is a side income. But we do need to withdraw these monies!

Now, I can’t do direct bank transfers. Some of us aren’t able to. Neither PayPal, for some reason. And we’re left with the depressing Payoneer withdrawal option. Which brings me to…

Trustpilot! The very site fiverr asked us to rate it on. On this same site, dear Payoneer is rated a mindblowing 1.8/10! You would think that fiverr would at least affiliate with a better withdrawal option. Which brings me to my personal experience…

Requested a Payoneer card and it was supposed to be delivered in early May. Never arrived. I thought “oh, life happens”, and ordered again. Slated to arrive first week of June, and…yup, never arrived!

This, coupled with the withdrawal horror stories I have read online, dear fiverr, please make more options available to us, pretty please? A hitch-free, non-PayPal, non-Payoneer option.

Anyone else having/had Payoneer issues?


That must be hard.

Have you tried contacting Payoneer support?


Yup. All they say is to reorder again. Then I had to look up the issue and it’s far too common.


yes… that’s an issue. I am creating another feature request post for possible withdrawal options!