Morgan Freeman Impersonator robbing everyone


…This guy is good he’s very good at ripping people’s Morgan Freeman impressions off and he’s raking it in…

I’m not going to name names of course and I wished I screenshotted a lot of messages. He tried ripping off my Trump impression a while back and had it on his profile. I complained to him, he got mad blocked me and eventually took the gig down…He’s from one country in particular and asked me for multiple requests under multiple fake accounts for my Morgan Freeman impression coincidently all from the same country. He also has several accounts from the same country sending messages like. "Can you get this done right now for 5 or 10 bucks?"
He’s hoping that I’m a dummy and desperate and I will record the voiceover before I start the order…At one point in time he had 3 different distinct sounding Morgan Freeman samples in his gig profile. I think people noticed it so now he’s got 3 of the same. I’m pretty sure he’s preying on new people on Fiverr doing Freeman impressions. He will also use these multiple accounts to leave himself rave reviews. You can call me paranoid but it’s true. He’s raking it in too. 150, 200 250 dollar orders. Troll the newbies for an impression on the cheap and upsell it to someone else. I’ve complained to fiverr before but to no avail.


It’s funny.
On the outside, I was an honest man.
Straight as an arrow.
I had to come to Fiverr to be a crook.


hahaha now that’s funny



That is a huge violation of TOS, report him to CS if you are sure that he is contacting you from multiple accounts. Maybe they wouldn’t do anything about him buying your service and reselling it, but they do not tolerate multiple accounts.


@willstauff if i may ask, is reselling gig against fiver TOS ?


No. If I have someone paint a picture for me for $10 and can resell it for $20, that’s fine. Now the Morgan Freeman guy sounds as if he is involved in some shady stuff, but there ale lots of people on fiverr who farm work out to sub contractors. You just have to make sure that you are not misrepresenting anything.


@newsmike multiple accounts, this is against fiverr TOS, but reselling gig, i can not see anything wrong, i.e a seller with lots of order can puchase another seller’s gig (less price) and deliver to his client.


please correct me, if i am wrong #newbie


You are correct. I can say, I will translate a document from English to Spanish for $25, then hire someone to do it for $10, and pocket the difference. There can be quality issues, and you are at the mercy of the other person to deliver on time to you. It’s not possible in my field, so I don’t even have to consider doing it.


And the problem is what? I’ve heard radio commercials with VO’s that sound exactly like George W. Bush, Obama, etc. Celebrity impersonation is a lucrative business, and it isn’t cheating just like lookalike contests aren’t cheating.

I hate that, but I’ve seen plenty of sellers with clone gigs. One graphic designer, three logo gigs. Why? I don’t know, maybe they’re using different SEO. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time.

Then he’s really good, you should learn from him instead of attack him on the forum. It’s bad enough that Fiverr screwed us with the new level metrics, we don’t have to destroy each other as well.


He’s great at ordering Morgan Freeman gigs real cheap. Not giving permission to resell it on fiverr…then Claiming it’s his own work and flat out lying claiming that it’s him and then farming it out to people who believe it’s him for a larger price then what he ordered.

All he needs to do is explain what he does in his gig and be honest right?


“Great at locating and getting certain things”

What exactly is his talent by the way? Is there a category for “gig swapper” or maybe some who’s “good at getting things” like rock hammers, posters of Rita Haywood and other people’s Morgan Freeman Impressions…




This sounds very familiar. I stumbled upon a seller about 3 weeks ago who was reselling my gig and others incl. Morgan Freeman VO as well. I contacted support but they didn’t take it down which really surprised me. I ended up contacting that particular seller and he ended up taking that gig down replacing it with a different one.

His answer was " I tried to mutually benefit" :roll_eyes:

I wish Fiverr would do something about it.


Fiverr sellers get busy …but the more people that report the better. Screen shot those messages and orders tooo