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Morning dear frnds im new to fiverr

Hi frnds im a new user of fiverr i have created my account and lived my gigs a couple of weeks ago at 1st when i live my 3 gigs i send request to buyer there i get 1 order then i completed her order she liked my work and my communication style so she ordered me again at next day i completed her 2nd order to both with 5 stars.
After that im sending too many requests but not even someone contact me. I dont know what i need to change in my gigs or remove please someone help me what i need to do?
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Hi there.

Welcome to Fiverr! :smiley:

It can take time to get the orders rolling. I was on Fiverr for a couple of weeks before I got my first order, and after that it took ages before I got more orders. After a while it started rolling in.

I recommend you work on the following:

  • Use a service called Grammarly to help you write better. Avoid any and all errors in your grammar, punctuation and syntax when writing your gig descriptions.

  • Work on your gig descriptions to make them a bit longer, containing some more information about your gig, and why the buyer should choose you.

  • Visit Fiverr Academy and read through the useful information there about how to get started selling. It really helps!

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m also new to fiverr, but i’m trying to land my first buyer! I feel like we’re in the same boat here. It seems like once you gain momentum and start getting sales then it will become much easier, but getting your sales off the ground seems like the hardest part.


The number of images changed could be made more consistent in the background removal gig
eg. gig title says “15 images in 24 hours”, the gig description says “20 images background in 10 hours” but below that it says “10 images”. Also for the example image, in the before and after of the chair picture, I think maybe the mesh thing under the chair arm could have been kept if possible. Also, I’d ensure any images used are copyright free.


Thanks dear sir for replying on my post and for checking my mistakes. Sir I’m already using gramarly and it helps much in description now I’m online from cell i like you suggestion about my description is short i will work on it.
My images are ok for the gigs?

Yeah mate you are i hope i will gain the momentum in the next 2 months. I have a partner too we both using 1 account he is my cousin so we both work together

Nothing wrong with your images as far as I can see. However, I’m not a graphic designer so I can’t give you an expert opinion on this matter.

Landing that very first and important sale with a 5-star review is the hardest part. The waiting is excruciating.

When you get that it doesn’t mean orders will come on their own. Working on descriptions, maybe adding a professional video to your gig, using “send quotes” to find jobs, and sharing your gigs in social media will help.

As a general advice, it’s always good to look at the competition and work on your pricing and your service to offer good value to your buyers, and of course, communicating the value of your service to your buyer in a professional manner.


Thank you so much i will definitely work on description as my language is no too strong i know that thats why I’m using gramarly

I will make changes in the description. I checked it it has alot of mistakes but i got my 1st order on that gig she was not expecting so much but i delivered her what she want. Thnks uk1000​:blush::blush:


Keep responding to buyer requests. You’ll get orders eventually, but sometimes it takes time.

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Same for you, keep responding to buyer requests.
All the best :slight_smile:

Don’t lose your heart. It takes some time to roll your order. I think you don’t need to bring changes to your gigs. Just do the same job you have done till getting your first two order from the same buyer.



you need to explain your work in a simple words and using short terms. And you need to give a client offer as well.

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Well said @smashradio


Thank you so much :maple_leaf:

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Hello Friends i am working on Fiver from the month of may. I have got buyer and 5star review. After that i haven’t any buyer. I am facing the same thing. Something wrong with my gig, whether is it pricing or description. :worried: Feeling up sate :disappointed:

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I would look at the competition in your Gig category. What can you offer a buyer that your competition can’t? What makes your gig unique and why should they pick your Gig over the others?

When I buy something on Fiverr I always contact several buyers. I have a conversation with them and look for industry specific knowledge about what they provide, and how they present themselves in the description, in videos, graphics, and messages etc.

Work out what you can offer your buyer, and show the buyer why you will provide a great value to them.

Great gig descriptions, videos, nice graphics, and perfect grammar in your descriptions and messages are key to landing sales. Of course, some categories will have more competition than others, in which case you should find a niche that works for you, and use it to your advantage.


sure I,ll give more time coz I’m using Fiverr as full-time job m I right of wrong

thank you very much smashradio I learned a lot from you

Usually professionals don’t suggest doing it as a full time job from the beginning. Once you start to get regular orders, then it can be a wise choice to start working here as a full timer.

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