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Morphing gigs

I was about to contact a positive reviewer of a gig to find out if it’s really worth ordering and then I realized that the link of the gig was something totally different than the current gig was offering, it was also noticeable from older reviews. I think gig morphing should be forbidden, as it’s basically a method of cheating around here and tricking people. See for example this gig which was used to sell actually fake facebook likes and now it’s selling something different, backlinks…

Anyone else agreeing with me on this issue?

anarchofighter said: But what level of editing would "constitute" a morph.

I can answer this first hand. Last week I found a Level 2 Seller offering a duplicate gig of Fiverr Super Seller, friend and collaborator CHRISHARDY's most popular Gig

The "morph" from the original Gig that had 9 Thumbs Up was a Gig with a Fiverr URL that was "edited/morphed" from "I will get 10,000 twitter followers or 8,000 instagram followers or 10,000 IG likes for $5"

Based on my professional experience I seriously doubt that anyone selling Twitter and/or Instagram Followers/Likes suddenly has mastered the skill and artistry it takes to replicate all the cartoon voice accumen of Chris Hardy. It was basically a bad joke and obvious scam.

Thumbs up on Twitter/Instagram Followers/Likes has zero bearing Thumbs Up on quality Cartoon Voice Over that will never be delivered.

That is the exact level where editing "constitutes" a morph; QED.

I alerted Chris and now the Seller has switched back to their original Gig Title but they are still "Legit" Sellers here in Fiverr. In the last month this is the second Scammer I have seen try to rip off Chris and the sixth I have alerted to Fiverr trying to rip off other Sellers.

Scammers and/or Morph Scammers are in fact REAL but all that Fiverr seems to do is make them delete scam Gigs. The Sellers just get a slap on the wrist and are allowed to continue on. I think all Scam Sellers should all get a permanent Ban if they are proved to be ripoffs.

@Anarchofighter, with all due respect I agree that while "editing a gig" is an important adjustment that all Sellers should be able to make, a blatant "cut and paste" copy of a Gig description they can't possibly deliver on and change of category that has no relation to the original should be a simple code fix that the Fiverr algorithm should be able to recognize and stop before we can even see it.

I think you’re level of suspicion is a little high.

I have “Morphed” gigs many times simply to be able to test an offer without it seeming totally “new” to people. The protections of buyers is HUGE on fiverr. I don’t think I’d ever ask someone who gave a thumbs up if something was “really valuable” …after all, they gave a thumbs up. :slight_smile: To ask them would be to basically ask, "Where you a lier."

Additionally, the problem with getting rid of “morphing” a gig is it would mean that there would effectively be a ban on “Editing a gig” … after all, a morph is just a complete edit.

But what level of editing would “constitute” a morph.

Finally, this is one of the few (and it’s fairly small really) benefits a seller can have. So I see it as a helpful compensating balance.

Anigrams no offense at all.

Your post doesn’t really reflect to what I’m referring. You objection is not a “gig morphing” but someone representing a skill they don’t have and/or stealing a gig text/description, etc.

Not at all what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Moo is correct. If you edit a gig you cannot change the original link.

I think we’ll continue to see more of this gig morphing because of 2 reasons:

  1. A seller is only allowed a certain number of gigs, I think it’s 20. So some may edit the gigs they have already.
  2. For SEO, people may choose keyword terms to create a seo’d URL, which may differ a little from the actual gig description.

    Neither of these situations are necessarily done to cheat or for nefarious purposes. I believe some sellers may change the title because they have changed the offering. I’ve done that in one of my gigs that I’m now offering more in for the fiverr…but the url is of course unchanged. In my case, the overall offering is the same though.

I agree with previous posters.

  1. If you amend your gig, the original URL does not change making it seem deceptive, which it’s not.
  2. Changing the entire premise of the gig so that it seems like previous feedback is for your current (but different) service seems deceptive, which it is.

The limited number of gigs does not matter because deleted gigs don’t count against it nor do I think suspended ones do (but I am not certain)

The issue is that we may have done work to promote that gig and don’t want to lose the future traffic. It’s unfortunate, but not meant to deceive.

The other reasons gigs will change is Fiverr changes. Reviews, youtube views, and facebook likes used to be fine. Now they’re not. So you might want to recycle the details of a gig rather than start fresh.

My concern is that some people might make a fast and common gig in order to get reputation and them morph it to kickstart something else that would typically cause buyers to have second doubts about if not seeing a good rating and “good job” reviews.