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Most active hours for Buyer Requests?


I’ve noticed that buyer requests tend to turn up in bulk around certain times, and then its empty for a while… Has anyone noted down the times this happens?

So far, I’ve only noticed around late night time (GMT time, probably around 11pm), there’s a bunch of them, but are there any other active hours?


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@potsupotsupara as far as my experience is concerned, buyer requests are random based on the time they are placed in and the category you provide service for, there is no set time that I can vouch for but yes I have noticed that refreshing every 20 mins or once in an hour or so helps, I believe the request lists are programmed such that once they receive about 10+ offers from sellers, they get could possibly get removed from your view (although I have seen requests which have 100+ offers too) but I did notice that this was mentioned and has already been confirmed by CS in response to a ticket submitted by a Fiverr seller. Depending on the niche, as you apply to these buyer requests, you can expect them to disappear in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds, best thing to do is not to refresh the page until you submit offers to all the requests that you may be interested in.

If you do find a specific time that the requests 100% appear, I will be more than happy to know too! :smiley:


I think it’s if they get around 10+ offers from level 0 sellers they get removed from view for level 0 sellers.


Oh well, I wasn’t sure about that in particular, thank you for clearing, but I did notice like 100+ offers on some that appear to me even if I am not a level 1 seller yet. So I kinda got confused on that point to be honest. :grimacing:


@potsupotsupara I found this post it is similar to what I mentioned earlier, you may want to glance through:

Buyer request is empty can't see any request from buyer .What could be the issue?


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Yes I also notice in previous days new buyer request appear on a specific time in the day time and I want to inform buyer request belong to your gig category.If you create gig in different category you get the more buyer requests.

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