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Most afraid thing that you have ever experience on fiverr and don't want to do?


Please share you experience :slight_smile:


You go first. :sunglasses:


I am afraid of the banality of this topic, and don’t want to respond to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always say: :wink:


Aw, bummer! Don’t want to be a good sport, Jon?

Here’s one:



No, just responding to the unfortunate frequency of forum topics exactly like this one.


ohhh good but i am afraid to ask my client to leave a good review because it not good for fiverr policy.


I don’t want to dredge up anything unpleasant that is in the past, so this is not really a productive topic. I hope this one gets closed.


Nice try Mr. FBI but I’m not falling for that one again :wink:


Why not if someone else might get benefit and save him self from happening similar situations.


Come on people, sure there are some topics that are repeated ad naseum but this one only comes up every few months or so. Lots of new people have not discussed this type of thing before.
Anyway. having been on Fiverr for 2.5 years-ish, there is one situation which stands out as the one which caused fear to rise inside me like nothing else has.

I once had a person place an order which they then said they didnt need. I thought they were going to cancel but thankfully, they changed their mind again and did not cancel. I was terrified for a good 20 minutes.
Thankfully, this type of thing does not happen to me very often - freelancing can be scary


I’ve never been afraid of anything on Fiverr. Open your front door - there’s a lot scarier things outside. :wink:

What’s the worst that can happen on Fiverr - seriously?

So don’t then. :smiley:


Didn’t think anyone remembered this show. Watched it once when I was little and it was an episode on vampires.

@OP The only thing that scares me at the moment is the constant shifting of things and internet outages at the worse possible time.


It was one of my fave shows growing up.
Very spooky! I was definitely afraid of the dark. :grimacing:
Not now tho or, eh nvm. OK only when I’m by lonesome watching a scary movie lol.

Anyway, to answer the OP question, I’d say a chargeback could be scary – especially if it was a lot of moola. I’m not talking about $10, $20, $50 etc. Anything in the multiple digits would be a tough pill :pill: to swallow. I’d be mad as a wet :chicken: hen. I’d be like this emoji < :japanese_ogre: >.


Having several thousand dollars you can’t receive, and no one knows why, is a little bit stressful.


I think at certain point, I’d be looking at hiring a (non-Fiverr) lawyer if I was affected by such an issue. - That and expressing my intention to start charging interest on monies being withheld.


That would be a losing battle. It’s some kind of bug. It’s ok, I don’t mind working for free.


Well, I’m quite disgusted. It’s one thing to not fix a response rate bug. It’s quite another to starve your best selling witch to death. At least when you do get paid, you will feel like you have had a windfall.


I manage to find a morsel or two when I go through the neighbors garbage at night.


Let’s just hope that you don’t have to resort to building gingerbread outhouses and leaving trails of breadcrumbs around the neighborhood…