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Most bought Gig?

Just wanted to know that which is the most in demand gig at the present moment.

What will tonight’s lottery numbers be please? :wink:

Can any of us really see into the future? How about asking a question we might be able to answer? :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a bit of a mystic Meg question!


Haha. Future can’t be seen but yet, it can be predicted from the past. Most bought gig till date could be answered. Means, whats hot on fiverr right now!
If you can get me. :wink:

Now its a bit edited. I hope you can get it! :slight_smile:

Is there a personal reason for asking this question?

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Why not just have a look through the main Fiverr site and see what appears to be popular?


Umm, Can say! Actually I came to know that the views on my gig slowly became zero per day but the usual traffic on fiverr was not down. So, just wanted to know the what all is the customers going for in fiverr nowadays.

I heard hairy hobbit feet Gigs are in High-Demand.

The hairier the better! :nerd_face:


Great. Why havn’t i thought this before. Btw, Thanks.

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wtf. haha. Then you might be selling such gig xD

You could make a post in the category “Improve My Gig” if you would like some help for your gig. No matter what is selling best on Fiverr there is no point in making a gig for that unless you are capable of offering a professional service.


Well, you asked a question and I answered. :sunglasses:

The question is what are your skills? :pencil2: Jot those down and go from there.
I mean even if you were to figure out the magic sauce. How can you be sure it’s a skill you can accomplish?


Now, I got you. Thanks’


Nice. So now, instead for writing a post again and waiting for someone to answer, I feel like you can help me out.
Main thing is that, How to increase the impressions? What to consider the most in the gig which can increase the impressions?

Just make that post and lots of people will help you out.


I can confirm this rumor.