Most common reason to get account restricted


Fiverr Officials should give us detail about most common reasons to get account restricted, or Avoid these common mistakes.

Because nobody likes to lose the account, but sometimes people lose their account unintentionally. or make mistake unintentionally.
Most people not clear about some simple mistakes

So Fiverr should also add like warning meter or Warning bar…if someone unintentionally misused any rule give him/her warning so he can realize his mistakes rather than permanent blocking. what do you think?

I write this because i have read many things abt it.


Yes! Totally agree with you!


Fiverr already informs users of what is and is not allowed on their site. You can find this information in the Fiverr Terms of Service:

It is your responsibility as a user on this site to read and understand the information written on that page. Users cannot complain about not understanding what Fiverr views to be a violation, it they do not take the time to read the TOS. :wink:


A test about TOS is better before start of account creation


No tests. All you have to do is read the TOS.


Terms of Service:

Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

Illegal or Fraudulent services, Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement

Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement reported through our Intellectual Property
Claims Policy found here

Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene

Intentional copies of Gigs

Spam, Nonsense, or Violent Gigs

Gigs misleading to buyers, including violations of third party terms of service

Reselling of regulated goods

Also having more than one account can get the accounts banned.


I second this. And we shoud be able to know if we are being flagged somehow so we can act accordingly. I had an enormous affright the other day when my account was suspended because the system wrongly thought I was using Sellers Request section to promote my gigs. I was not, I was posting legitimate requests of services I wanted to purchase. It was a sleepless night, very upsetting for a person that takes Fiverr’s business very seriously.


I found it a little odd that they mention ‘nonsense’ Gigs, considering they have a ‘bizarre’ section. I do wish they’d elaborate on what they mean by ‘nonsense.’


I think another thing that bothers many sellers if they get banned/denied/etc. is lack of consistency. One of the components I often see in their complaints is that there are dozens/hundreds/whatever of other sellers doing the exact same thing without a problem. In some cases, it may even be people who are TRS.

It might make them feel better if they could take others down with them, so to speak. “You want to ban ME for xyz? Then you have to ban all of these people as well. Otherwise, you’re being selective about who you enforce the terms with, which is discriminatory!” Then Fiverr could say, “Okay, they’re all gone. Feel better.” lol


absolutely agree with you.


I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work. Most of Fiverr’s internal regulation is done by an algorithm, and it usually red flags things that shouldn’t be red flagged. We are in a machine’s hands most of the time.


I have 3 open gigs. I go to deliver one and I get a notification that I’m blocked – thought maybe it was due to malformed filename etc. – due to the delivery, not my account status. So I try sending the file via a delivery with a link to a public dropbox file – tell Fiverr yeah go ahead even though there’s no attachment – same deal. But look at the notification – it looks file-related?!? Or maybe Fiverr’s own code back to the site?

I can talk to the customer, but I can’t deliver the order? That seems very counter-intuitive, unless it’s a mistake/glitch. I did upgrade my Mac OS last night, and I got a notification today about iOS 7 no longer being supported – could be unrelated. I can’t upgrade my phone just for this – it doesn’t SUPPORT iOS 8+.

So I’m stuck at the moment. Am I working on these gigs because it’s just a glitch or something dumb, or am I asking the customers to cancel them because I’m not allowed to deliver the content?

I can uninstall the iOS 7 Fiverr app – but they won’t KNOW that I did. So I’m not sure how that would help. Even if I can’t USE it, I get notifications through it which is VERY helpful anyway, even if I can’t do anything else.

And I was using my Mac, not my iPhone. So it doubly doesn’t make sense if that’s the problem.

I’ll keep trying something…til I hear back from support.


Ok – figured it out. I was using Alfred text expansion to put the instructions for the deliverable – and Alfred must have been inserting a bad character or similar. Was able to deliver the file, and created a txt file for the instructions, that uploaded fine.

So if it says “Your Account Has Been Blocked!” it may not be restricted.


For those who read the TOS, what do you think about receiving a warning after you delivered a version to the client, and he changes the requirements and wants different concept to be received? They refunded the client. Isn’t it abusive behaviour from the client also? Is it so hard to protect the seller also, and if he delivered and the client is somehow not satisfied, at least provide half the amount of the gig to the seller, not full refund back to the buyer. The client can always not be satisfied, that does not mean you did not work and spent time to provide him the delivery

Buyer changes requirements

The terms of service specifically say that a refund is not given simply because the buyer does not like what they got.

If customer support gave a buyer a refund there must have been some other reason.


why do they not provide the reason when cancelling?


Probably so people can’t argue with them.