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Most Cost Efficient Ways of Self Promoting Your Gigs


I am looking to find the most cost efficient ways of promoting your gigs. By this I mean paying to promote your gigs.

My current idea is to use a certain percentage of the money you earn from each sale to go towards ads. A website I had in mind for advertising with is AdHitz. I have used them before and they have some very cheap pay per click opportunities.

Please post whatever ideas you have. Thank you.


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@vedmak: I agree! $3.92 is not much and if you spend out of it to advertise, I don’t think it’s worth it.


Usually you will loose money with paid advertising.

The ones which use it have a system in place to get the visitors into a sales funnel. The PPC campaigns are hardly breaking even.

So to advertise your Fiverr Gigs for cheap, you maybe try Project Wonderful as a cheap form of paid advertising.

It’s highly controllable and you only spend till your initial deposit is gone. At other networks you have to give out your CC and maybe spend way more than you have planned.

But if your gig is good and has a wide acceptance, then you can make good sales without to spend any money for advertising.

Just participate in a few forums where your clients hang out and be helpful.