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Most Difficult thing on FIVERR and how did you Solve it?

Sad to know of your Loss…Can imagine …It Hurts!

Good you shared…Thanks…Other Fiverr sellers can be more careful with their accounts.

Keep sharing your stories…and let us all get WISER through each others experiences!

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I only withdraw when I have 1k5+, never been hacked before.

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How were you hacked? and how were they able to access your payment information, wasn’t withdrawal suppose to go to your account?

My hardest was working for a client, and after like 4months, destroyed it, and came after me on fiverr to re-do it, fought it, but fiverr witheld my fund, same fund i was saving to add to a trip to a South East Asia country, so fiverr advised i re-do the project, with my 750usd hanging in the air…

I had to do it, worked tirelessly to do it in a week, moreover, I had the site old backup in my cloud account, so that makes it a little easier…

Client was suppose to pay an extra $500 before, which i had forgotten for those month he left, so I asked, and told fiverr, was told he would pay this this, and he assured me, he hasn’t done so…Website still running last time i checked…painful, but Fiverr released my fund and I was able to make the trip with that fund…

PS: Fiverr have since changed their policy on such issues, last time i read the T&C

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@simboy4real A potential buyer sent me their site address to see if I can make a report for it (it looked like any regular site address), I opened the site to see if I could analyze it, but I saw nothing, it was empty. I told them I can’t analyze an empty site, and I moved on.

Next day, my Fiverr’s paypal withdrawal address had already been changed, but not yet my Fiverr account password - I was right on time, so I could still open my account and saw a shady paypal address, some shady info, and changed everything in a heartbeat.

After further research, that site apparently loaded a Java Applet that installed a key logger, finding my Fiverr password with ease.

P.S. yes, Java Applets were still enabled in browsers years ago when it happened

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OMG, that was scary, and Fiverr cannot be held, its part of their T&C…I had your same issue before, but in my case, it was a PDF and exe, but my computer system went haywire when i download it, scanned my computer to find malware, and was removed, have since formatted my system, reported the buyer to fiverr…

When i told them they sent me a malware infected file, buyer never responded…

Your case is scary woofy, I am going to scan my workstation tonight tonight for no reason…:sweat_smile:


Now they have security questions and I change my password occasionally.

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Now I don’t even know my own password, that complex it is :smiley: - I rely on phones, password managers…

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Oh! Sorry to know that. It appears more like a case of “Cookie Stealing” with Cross site scripting.

Someone recently sent me a message with a link to an attachment. It was a docx wrapped in a zip file… and know what? It contained a ‘Malicious Macro’! Not sure what it could have done but ESET Smart security immediately detected a threat and I reported to CS.

I think Fiverr sellers are particularly vulnerable to such hacking attempts. Installing one good antivirus (Eset or Kaspersky) and one anti-malware (Malwarebytes) is a must.

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It was a Java Applet, and I wasn’t the only victim - there was evidence of it all over the web, on other sites, too… and I also found the keylogger eventually and removed it (there was even a text file with what I had typed). Even with an antivirus and antimalware installed, I was hacked (I have no idea what I used back then, it was too long ago)

Anyway, we’re moving offtopic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t worry. We haven’t gone that offtopic…unlike my “Contingency Plan” thread which literally became a coffee shop :smile:

It could just as well be with a Java Applet; you would know best.

With regards to most difficult thing people find on Fiverr. I can assure you it’s not having orders, sufficient orders or orders at the price they want to work. Everything else is a nuisance.

Personally the most difficult thing I had to handle was because of miscommunication. The Buyer said she “first wants a German site”. I quoted $600 and delivered the German site. She then dropped the bomb: she wants website in all three languages but “German site first.” One cannot replicate entire site in Squarespace and the other two should once again be built from scratch! :sweat: After a lot of negotiation and persuasion I agreed to build other 2 for an extra $400. Not too bad… but an example of how one can get struck in deals. But otherwise she was an an excellent and considerate Buyer.

Most difficult thing is hard to get daily orders and still don’t know how to solve it :cry:

hahaha, me too…I cant remember some websites that are critical like paypal password to save my life

@ritujain777, I really don’t want to be rude to say this, but I think, you misdiagnosed the problem.

It appears like the said Buyer did not intend to like your article. No one ever name-calls simply because the work fell below the expectation and looking at the manner in which he responded, it’s like he is taking a free ride by playing ‘this is not what I wanted’ card. In short, he may have been trying to scam you. I know it hurts, but atleast you can stay assured there is nothing wrong with quality of your work.

You can raise your prices slightly more, like to $10, to avoid buyers like these.

If you do really think you articles are short of standards and want to give potential buyers a ‘feel’ of what to expect, you may a make a sample collection of articles available for download via a Dropbox link in you Gig description.

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Hi simboy4real,

So GREAT that you shared this experience!
Thanks for sharing the detailed explanation for the difficulties you faced.So good to know Fiverr supported you. I hope the website does such good business - that one day you get a surprise from them and they return you with much more than the $500 that they did not pay you.

I am so happy to know you got to travel to South-East Asia? Would love to hear about your travel experience as I live in India.

Wow! Great that Fiverr changed their policy.

Lucky You…! Even I do the same…however, will withdraw soon after $50 is in my account from here on.

Thanks @ritujain777, my trip was worth it, was still making off fiverr while away :smiley:… Actually I do hope they pay back someday, I am positive that I will get that surprise one day, it kinda keeps me going since last October/November…

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so you give him 2 article free of cost
some buyer doing this

Hi ghemachandar1

That is an awesome feedback from you!

I was very sad when the buyer wrote me things like - “You can stop sending out these fake articles now that are messing with peoples minds!” But I moved on and termed it as a learning experience!

I realized that if quality of work is good buyers come back for more - therefore it keeps my morale up.

Maybe the buyer was like that because when he posted the ‘buyer request’ I remember no one sending an offer to him other than me - and I kept wondering how come - he has not even one seller who sent an offer to him even though his offer was a day old when I saw it. Maybe he has done the same with others as well.

A sample collection - is an excellent idea - I will do it today itself. Thankyou - I did not knwo we can do this.THANKS!

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Hi simboy4real

Thats the fun to work with Fiverr - money keeps coming in when you are away - after a hard week of working - I love it when payments start flowing in… I know what you mean.

I wish U get the $500 back …do let us know when you do…will be GREAT!

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