Most expensive gig


The most expensive gig that I have seen is a wedding magazine or something like that for $700.

Has anyone seen anything over $1,000?

I don’t mean the price with extras included, the basic price.


It might be different for different gig categories, but for me it says the maximum you can set it to is $995 for a package (extras would be on top of that for those who are allowed to add extras).


A wedding magazine? For $700?! Do they have any reviews! The highest I have seen is like $300, I guess I am not looking very hard. Haha!


I’ve seen someone with a $3,000 or $5,000 (can’t remember quite well) house designing gig. Obviously no one bought that.:full_moon_with_face:


In Graphics & Design ->2D & 3D models, none go over $995 for the “starting at” price anyway. Maybe it was with extras that it came to the higher figure?


Yeah, that’s possible! I can’t remember anymore and I can’t say I spent a long time looking at that gig - just took a look and closed the tab.


The OP put a post about that earlier asking for advice but has since reduced the price greatly!