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Most lucrative fiverr category

Hey guys ,how are you all doing. In your own opinions which Fiverr category do you is the most lucrative and why do you think so. For me based on what I have seen I think Logo design is the most profitable Fiverr category to create a Gig in.


Profitable, if you’re good and have the skills for it.


If your gigs are good and your service is excellent, your sell will profitable.

Is there a demand for it?

Obviously yes.

Is it a hyper-saturated and hyper-competitive category with many desperate sellers willing to undercut to ridiculously low wages for ridiculously large scale work, and also sellers with absolutely no business selling logos but are doing so because they watched videos from “money-making” gurus on how to make :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: without having any skill by selling prefab logos?


(Apologies for the run-on sentence.)


I feel like it depends on your skills. I could create 30 gigs on logos and not earn a single cent…

BUT if you’re actually a professional designer with a decent amount of experience, a good eye (and not just someone who copypastes readymade logos and changes up their colours) I think you can do really well.

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Reading this in your voice is waaaaaay better. Hahaha!

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