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Most of Debit cards are not accepting by Paypal. Is there any other mode of payment?

When I tried to buy a gig from fiverr my card was rejected by paypal. I made many purchases using the same paypal account in fiverr. There should be some other alternative. Is there any alternate method for payment in fiverr?

Your can try virtual credit cards (prepaid) while paying on fiverr.

TIP- Immediately remove virtual credit card from your paypal account.

One of the best virtual credit card is Entropay.

Try to contact Customer Support about this. Perhaps they can look into it and give you a detailed answer.

But if you already bought from Fiverr using the same credit cards, then something maybe is wrong with your credit cards.

Are your credit cards stored in your Paypal account? Are you over your credit card limits? Are your credit cards expired?

Can’t you pay directly with your credit card on Fiverr? Why do you have to go through paypal?