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Most Of My Seller's Responses To Feedback Not Showing Now


The last time My Seller’s Response To Feedback Showed is 4 mos ago. Since then I have responded to at least 4 of my Buyer’s Feedbacks, but none of those responses are showing. Does 5R not show them anymore? I hope it’s just a glitch and that they will show again.



It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :wink:

You can read up on it in this staff announcement topic in News: Gig feedback and reviews and in lots of other topics if you search for “blind review system”.

Basically, we’re in “the second phase of double-blind reviews”, your review isn’t shown on your profile anymore but on the buyer’s profile. You can, however, respond to a buyer’s review and that will show up on your profile page, below the review the buyer left for you (where your review of the buyer used to be shown) (for example if you got a bad review and would like to give some context/an explanation).


Thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face: I missed that news report. I wish, though, that all of my responses either did or did not show. I don’t like that 1 of my responses show, an older one, and the rest no longer do.

It looks like I responded to only one buyer’s feedback and that I did not bother to respond to the others since then. I don’t like it to look like I’m negligent to the others or don’t care. The changes and upgrades here in procedure are sometimes frustrating and inconsistent, but I do hope we all will benefit eventually.


I’ve been wondering if buyers are notified when we blind review them and/or respond (reply) to their reviews :thinking:


Well, recently a buyer thanked me, via inbox, after I gave my feedback. I think it was because he saw my good comments.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t get notified when the sellers I bought from last reviewed me. I could see they did on my profile, of course, but if I got notifications about it, I must have missed them - not very probable.

It might be different for “only buyer” accounts but I don’t think so, wouldn’t make much sense.


here is same problem