Most Of People Are Playing Games in the Dress of Buyers


Most of the people comes up and inquires after their satisfaction they said start working and I am going to place an order but next day they came with the excuses that I were busy with boss etc my boss in hospital and having baby that is why we are waiting but during the conversation they just create new buyer offer for the same work!!! are they trying to play games with sellers???


Maybe they’re just trying to find a polite way to say ‘no thanks, we found somebody else’? :slightly_smiling_face:


if they find some body else so why they are re creating buyer request??? for the same work


I have screen shot for the conversation


You’d need to ask the potential buyer that question. Maybe they wanted to see if they’d get any different sellers offering their services?

No need for a screenshot though! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there are multiple offers for only a request so no need to re create the request and make other one fool by saying yes start working and send reports


Just had a thought - you’re not actually doing work for these buyers without an order are you?

No idea what you mean by ‘send reports’?


why they are doing this and why they are wasting time of sellers???


Please see my question above - are you doing free work for these ‘buyers’?


If a seller is wasting the time of any buyer so he will have to face penalties or desputes


they get complete idea and ask every problem like they are getting classes after knowing each and everything they move forward which is not a good manner


I guess so.I have seen someone having a lot of reviews from new seller from same category.


It does not mean that we are new here so we do not know the work. The behavior of the buyers are very rude to the sellers most of the time.


I’m sorry - I completely disagree with you. I rarely encounter a ‘rude’ buyer.

I still can’t understand exactly what your problem is as you seem to be struggling to explain it, but good luck with it.


Yes you do not need to agree with me this is your right but here I am talking about my experience not yours…


and I have many examples that my friends and others are facing like this that buyers just wasting time making fun and in the end say that go to your profile you have only one review. It does not mean that you just make a joke without experiencing our services.


Moving your post to ‘the ranting pot’.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


If most of the people who come to you do that, why do you still work for someone who doesn´t place an order first?

The sign to start working on an order is when the person who inquired about your service has placed an order, not when they say “start working”. Just reply that you´ll start working as soon as they placed the order.
Although I´d most probably not risk working with someone who just tells me to start working without ordering, anyway.


Asking is legitimate and responding is good manners.

The buyer may simply be unsure of what he is asking for, or is trying to collect information so to forward a proper request to another seller, or doesn’t understand your replies.
Your case could be one of these or a combination of these.

As a rule, I agree over the obvious that too short conversations and too long conversations lead to some kind of problem.
Trust your instincts: if you feel that something is not good, cut politely and don’t lose your cool.


I didn’t understand half of what you said.
If you started working before they placed an order then it’s your own fault.
If they only asked you questions then there’s nothing wrong with that. They have every right to interview sellers before hiring.