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Most of the buyer want to revision

Hi how are everyone ??

most of the buyer want to revision to there work . So can i do and how can i decrease revision ??? Please tell me best way .



@joyroy0401 Turn off unlimited. The client can ask how many reviews he wants.
Basic 1 - standard and premium 2-3 maximum
Add extra options for revision.


Build the cost of your revisions in your price. Charge enough to cover the time it takes to provide great service.

Require all the details or specific needs upfront. You execute their specific requirements. If the requirements change, then there will be additional costs. You only provide free revisions to the original requirements.

Pick select templates for the customer to choose from. Less customized, less room for creative changes. Then charge a premium for the “I want to customize and change everything” package.

You are going to have to be giving to maintain high rating. Just charge enough upfront for that extra bit of service that you will provide.


And what’s the problem with revisions?
One or two revisions sometimes are necessary.
You are offering 5 revisions in your basic gig so of course you are inviting people to try different changes. Usually clients like using everything what they paid for.



Thanks for your best help .

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Wow Nice comment . Thanks landongrace

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Sometime client wants to more revision in basic offer. But in this offering 5 revision So then most of client want to revision and change their text , design , anymore . Then what can i do ?? Thanks


Well, if they are asking you to change a design then I would say that it’s on you. It means that you didn’t understand requirements correctly or you didn’t ask more questions to understand the direction your client want to move. (Of course we are not taking pain in the a** clients which are usually only 1%)

That’s the job of being a freelancer and working with clients to provide revisions and COMMUNICATE with your clients to make sure that you don’t have so many revisions.


mariashtelle1 Thanks for your help

Do you offer a certain amount of revisions? If you offer them, then you’re agreeing to make changes.

If you don’t offer them, then you don’t have to say yes. If you think you’ve done all the work, say no and respectfully decline :slight_smile:


well the best way to avoid revisions is ask the client his requirements from the onset and also make sure you meet all requirements this way buyers want few or no revisions.

Clients always appreciate revisions and are happy when the work is revised to meet their wants.

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