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Most of the intro videos being sold are same on different Fiverr Gigs ( Pirated )


My question from those who use After effect , Sony vegas or other video making software.
And the buyers who buy video templates for their logos etc

Almost everyone would have noticed that most of the gigs selling intro videos have same templates. And lots of different sellers sell the same templates for an average price of $5 , pretty much less price than the quality of video.
Making such templates needs a lot of time and fatigue. It’s much difficult and time consuming for making such project files in after effect and needs a lot of experience.
I’m not asking to increase the pricing but at least one must think and bother for the original author of such templates. There are other Platforms where author leave their templates with tutorials for an easy sale and profit.

Some buyers buy these templates and most often they are not able to edit such templates for them so they hire a different editor to edit template for them.
Now what happens next ! The editor edit the templates but they have now got a copy of the project file. If he is a true editor, and Knows about the hard work done behind that project file, he will leave it as is after editing for the buyer.

And if he is a pirate or if something in his mind make him to sell that template illegally , He can do it easily and will definitely sell it , Spoiling the profit and benefit of the original author.
such templates are used for various purposes, some pirate sites use them for their own promotion , making people fool that they are giving free templates others simply sell it on cheap rates, since they don’t know the value of the template.

In the end it devalues the original authors work and he doesn’t get what he deserves.

The reason why I wrote this is that , the author can not point out and place copyright claims on each of his videos uploaded on the vast internet.
As a buyer we must ask the seller if he is a the real author. Secondly if the he is reselling any templates he must have license for that. If a seller is reselling a template he must provide a different license for his every sale which he can buy from the original author.
This would definitely cost him more than 5$. Either the buyer should have licence if he wants his template to be edited or if a seller is reselling you a video, he must have license.

Both buyers and sellers should contribute in this.
And for those who sell templates (Pirated ) in such a way , They definitely know nothing about after effect or other software used to create such videos.
They should understand , it’s illegal and not the right way to make online money.
Please learn and make your own templates instead of relying on pirated and illegal ways.


Believe me, we have same thought on this. At a point I begin to wonder why fiverr review gig videos before approval.
As short as intros can be at times, a lot of work has to be done, planning, sketching, creating objects in 3d application(+ animation sometimes), photoshop or illustrator and finally import to after effects, and of all that for only $5?
Although some put it in their gig description that they will animate their logo like in the gig video, but why will a buyer want to have same intro design with so many people?, I believe each intro should be unique based on the brand logo. But it seems some buyers are okay with it anyways, so am not in the position to complain.

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  1. Because they’re a small local business, or a hobby website, or something like that.

  2. Because they don’t realize that it’s just a template that many others are using.