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Most orders you've had in queue?

So I thought it would be interesting to find out the most amount of orders you have had queued up before and how you have dealt with them.

This could be across all your gigs or just on one gig.

Personally, I have only just started and it’s 3, so no panicking to get stuff done just yet for me :stuck_out_tongue:

So what about you guys?


The most gigs i have had in queue all at once was like 20. with my logo queue the highest i had in queue built up one time was 10.

Anyone else?!

  1. Hoping that will change with my new latest gig!

The most gigs I have had in a queue was 10. It was my homework gig.

Reply to @deedeem: Here’s me hoping for you as well!

I have a 24 hour turnaround for my voiceovers, so I try not to have many at all. I think my first week, when I was featured on the homepage and didn’t know all the ropes I had 17.

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I had 6 orders in one day so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

104 I believe.

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  1. I wanted to die. lol!

@rossonomous - Thank you! :slight_smile:

If I had 40 I would struggle, let alone 104!

I had highest 21 :slight_smile:

7 so far :smiley:

I’m design your logo

I think it was maybe 12 across all gigs for me. When I heard about Fiverr and surfed gigs in my categories, I saw someone with 60 in queue. My brain lit up with panic but also dollar signs!

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So far for me 6.

28 is my highest :slight_smile:

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6 :frowning:

40, like couple of days ago… but turnaround time is 5 days so it is a bit easier… the problem is that my writer didn’t have time for all of that so I hired helpers and actually lost money :smiley:

I paid $5 per article just not to late and to deliver on time… not to mention that I paid 2-3 guys here who delivered me worthless articles not following anything I asked to do :smiley:

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