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Most pathetic thing Fiverr did to me

What the hell just happened the orders were complete and my account is now showing up these orders are cancelled and funds refunded to buyers
Order #FO3354E99C43
Order #FO21A820AEC1
Order #FO21A820AEC1
Order #FO53E2DDAA62
Order #FO645DE82302
These are months old orders I am reselling a service I payed for this to get these buyers orders done. Now I cannot search buyer and my balance is showing up -40. I have upcoming earnings of 45$ This is stealing I want this fixed if buyers months old competed the order and funds are already withdrawn and then buyer moves out after month it should not be loss on sellers end you stole my money I wan this this back !!!
This is most worst thing I have seen on a big platform I want my funds back stat !!!

The buyer(s) stole your services. I feel for you and it’s an awful situation. It’s one reason I don’t accept large orders from buyers I haven’t worked with before. Fiverr has no access to the money now because the buyer either used a stolen credit card, a hacked PayPal account, filed a chargeback or did all of those.

Fiverr and seller can’t keep money that the buyer had no right to spend. If the transaction wasn’t anonymous you could sue the buyer, but one of the risks of doing business globally and online is that sometimes you will lose money over theft, just like stores lose money over shoplifting. I wish you luck getting more orders to replace your losses.

Actually, I agree with the OP. All other platforms I work on use Escrow. Somebody pays, if they are happy with the work the funds are released to me immediately and there is no possibility of a chargeback ever affecting me. Fiverr could use this system too but they don’t because there is clearly some interest building incentive behind them holding on to funds for 2 weeks after orders clear. - Sorry just saying it like it is.

Yeah, chargebacks are the biggest risk on Fiverr, something has to be done about them.

Luckily I haven’t suffered this personally but if I ever had one for $50 or more, I think I would go with all guns blazing after the buyer in question. The bigger issue though, is that from a buyer and seller perspective there does seem to be a lot of skulduggery goes on on Fiverr. Moreover, in the respect in question, the existing payment system can be seen to facilitate this skulduggeriness.

Indeed. There’s a another post here where someone’s out $500 or so. He got the boilerplate "Fiverr makes no money either :frowning: " reply. I found that a bit disingenuous,as that guy has to pay someone who worked with him, and moreover, this project took a month to complete. Fiverr’s not exactly doing this level of work here, but rather collecting its tithe as a matter of course: part of its duties should be to protect sellers (and buyers) when things go wrong and either party tries to abuse the system. This is one such case where it’s clearly an inappropriate response.

Funny thing is, as I alluded to, Fiverr does give refunds on occasion. The largest one I know of is $600. It seems, however, that you need to have friends in high places and/or be a money-spinner, and able to battle through a lot of "but we didn’t get out 20% either :frowning: " (and it’s certainly not publicized!). I share you cynical view of the skulduggery, and I think the whole payment system is long overdue a reform. It’s much more critical than tweaks to email or the fancy new inbox imo.

Common now, lets not give in to negative thoughts.
When a buyer does a chargeback up to 6 months after you already got paid, fiverr wont be paid so you as a seller (who already paid all expensies including taxes, normally anything between 30-60%) get to do a good deed and bail out the buyer by working off the buyers debt in full. Sure you might have to feed your family with air and promises for the next month or so but you will have saved the buyer from ending up with debt and made sure fiverr’s fridge is well stocked.

Well, they could always have another charity boob cancer drive that raises an undisclosed fund yet apparently never sends out the promised t-shirts for a donation of $20 (I think?) or more. That should get the coffers swelling with a feelgood movement!

Or the Fiverr 365 calendar. I’ve just commented on that so you can see how that panned out.

20%? lol. I’m down with that as a marketing cost, but it should also be used to protect us against rare incidences of buyer fraud, no matter what the cause of it.

Although, as my two above examples may indicate…do a bit of digging on the calendar, and you have to ask how a 3-star seller is a TRS looking at the reviews (find the paused gig, not the profile). The answer is pretty goddamn obvious.

Any sale over a certain amount, let’s say $200, should be put into an escrow account. It seems that some buyers of expensive services prefer to do a chargeback to get something expensive for free. Putting the money into escrow would solve this problem.

Fiverr should have a charity drive with raffle tickets to win a new Tesla.
They may have thought who would care if the shirt never arrived. With raffle tickets they don’t have to send out anything to anyone.

@Emmaki, my most sincerest advice would be to never give to any charity. Years ago when I returned from a stint in New Zealand I landed an in between job working as one of those ‘charity muggers’ who stand in the street all day asking people to sign up to give regular donations to one cause or another. Long story short, I was collecting for a famous UK homeless charity one week. I was contractually obliged to get 6 people to sign up every day and was getting 8-10 as I still had a bit of boyish, ‘give me all your money’ charm back then.

The only problem was that they decided I should be hitting 10 as standard and when I didn’t get that they abandoned me on a country road just outside of Matlock the next day. Later then, when I made it back to Newcastle, I went to sign on only to get my claim stopped due to the ‘charity’ I had worked for saying I had left employment with them voluntarily. Worse, when I filed an appeal and told it how it was they went on to say they would sue me if I didn’t withdraw my complaint…

In short, whether it’s a cancer charity which is close to your heart (in fact I hate them more but that’s a different story) or the old adopt a granny scam they run, all charities are bogus. Harsh words I know, but I’ll certainly never give to one again.

Oh, I’m with you that there’s a lot of unsavory elements in “charidee”. It’s all so worthy and people like to give to feel good about themselves. The reality is that it’s a fantastic moneyspinner… Kid’s Company, anyone? (UK charity… gone down in flames with a huge scandal). That and just HOW much are they paying their directors?!!

The Boob Cancer Charity Case of the Missing T-Shirts is just more of the same. I’m not sad, nor surprised. Business as usual. You can see how much people care by the complete lack of consequence. Whereas for the “little people”, it’s all about the consequences, warranted or not. Riddle me that…

Here is whats going on with support right now :

Fiverr :

Mitch (Fiverr Customer Support)
Apr 3, 3:29 AM

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us.

The chargeback was filed for the payments made for these orders outside of Fiverr. The funds are now being held by Paypal and are not in our hands.

Whenever a transaction is being reviewed by a payment vendor, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users.

Please keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and that we want every Gig order to be successful. If a buyer abused his PayPal privileges, it is something literally beyond our control, but our Trust & Safety Team is already reviewing this buyer’s actions.

Buyers who do file disputes on their payments made to Fiverr, whether intentional or purposely held by PayPal for security screening, must resolve those disputes in order to participate again in the Fiverr community, as they are in clear violation of our terms of service.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

You dont get paid but we as a seller already paid our suppliers to get the job done funds were in pending clearance for 15 days what the hell were you guys doing during that time ? you should check buyer money that is it safe or not before clearing thats what clearing is for. We pay we wait we get funds after 15 days we withdraw after few minutes of wait again after 4 months of withdrawal buyer is considered as fraud and you put that loss on us you dont loose a single penny its totally sellers loss. You should change your stupid policies to protect sellers money as well I hope you will experience this one day so you would understand and respect sellers earning as well you are just putting all loss on sellers face !!!
Ok tell me one thing what the hell you guys do in the clearance process ? and when funds are cleared that means seller should be payed as he completed his work and buyer left a review too so where is the sellers fault ?
You should bear some loss for yourself as well



I understand that you are frustrated and angry, I would be too If I were in your place. Please understand that disputes are beyond our control, we cannot control whether a user will open it or not. This user is being reviewed by our Trust & Safety team and proper actions will be taken.

Note that, as previously stated, when you don’t get your funds neither do we so this particular situation affects us too. We want every order to be successful on Fiverr and these situations are frustrating and unpleasant for us as well.



Unpleasant for you seriously you dont loose a single penny in this I lost 40$ and responsible are you and this is totally in your control you should take this loss this is totally lame that you put all loss on sellers side. Tell me who is responsible for this and I want to get this fixed immediately this is not the way to deal customers we are working day and night to earn money and because of your mistake we have to pay !!! Tell me we one thing we payed for this service to be complete right after 4 months you are cancelling the order if its just 10-15 days I would understand this but after 4 months even after completion of withdrawal now my balance is showing negative what is this ???
Buyer put dispute against you guys not me so you should be the one taking this loss not me !! I want refund of these order why would I pay for your mistakes if buyer backed out after 4 months you should fix the dispute why should we ( who worked hard and delivered the job perfectly ) should suffer the pain and remember one thing what ever you will reply this will go in your public community forum so dont reply stupid messages that you are experiencing the same frustration as we are you havent loss a single penny we are the one who are suffering and your team dont give a damn about sellers !!!
I want refund of my delivered job right away or show me evidence of paypal dispute done by buyer.You steal money of seller this way

My question is only this we sellers are paying to our suppliers and get job done either fiverr should fight the disputes and protect the hardworking sellers or when buyer orders cehck everything before they are debiting there accounts or during 15 day shitty clearance time check all things.
All of you are saying fiverr is not keeping the money I agree to that but fiverr is not lossing a single penny as well dont you guys think fiverr is totally protecting buyers and ruining sellers hardwork. They are the one responsible for payments fraud not us thats what we are giving them a 20% shitty cut :@ even they are taking from buyers 0.50$ per purchase as well are you guys blind or what ???

Fiverr is always winning and we are the only one at risk here what the hell does this mean that fiverr is not making money either Damn it !! they are also not loosing a shit

Good on you for pushing the issue, but I don’t think getting angry with them is going to have the desired effect. There’s literally nothing the Customer Support desk can do about this anyway (I believe they are based in Florida and possibly a hired crew–but don’t quote me on that, as it’s hearsay).

Better: ask them why, then, they have been able to refund TRSs in the past despite this policy. Point out that unlike Fiverr, you haven’t had investment rounds of $30M and $60M in recent years. Point out that (as Customer Support reps will surely be aware) that this issue is hardly isolated to rare cases. Although the Trust and Support team can review a case, the only resolution to that is banning the offending buyer in question. That’s not exactly a satisfactory outcome for those out of money, and this is something for HQ to actually consider changing instead of fancy new UI frills.

Basically, all that jazz.You do have to take a loss in business sometimes, though. My thoughts here lean towards the fact that some of that 20% we pay should go into a “loss pot”. Only Fiverr knows the exact % of money lost monthly through disputes, but I would think a loss pot would cover most eventualities.

You don’t win the argument by getting angry and ranting, Parveen. You get angry by forming unions and making the boss listen.

I bet if every single Fiverr on seller didn’t work for 2 days–despite penalties–they’d start listening very quickly :slight_smile: No 20% at all… :frowning: Not to mention a horde of angry buyers :slight_smile:

Publicize it in the media, and you can bet the investors will start getting nervous and asking questions.

Boom, change. There’s another idea. Petition the investors. Basically, Customer Support can’t do a dang thing except follow corporate policy unless it’s an “extraordinary” situation (read: bullshit that doesn’t need to be justified) in which someone from HQ or higher up overrides it.

Guys, don’t do what Emma says, unless you want to get banned from here.

Don’t agree, even if you are only half-serious.

I haven’t told anyone to do anything. I’ve simply suggested a union. Power lies in the many, not the few. Anyone foolish enough to do this on a one-man crusade is simply going to get banned, as you say. But if a majority do it? It’s capitalism, right? The workers produce that capital (in this case the 20%, as well as the service to buyers). Unionized workers can be incredibly powerful. Although I realize I’m arguing against a bunch of people who will never agree to this socialism. At the moment, the consensus is “that is unfortunate”–but the reality is that while we can justify 20% as a cost of marketing and improvements, what about the rare situation a dispute comes up? Surely our 20% over the months and years should be in some sort of kitty for that?

Besides, these nice new site upgrades–these aren’t for us. They’re for those same investors. “look what we are doing to make your investment grow–we’ve improved x, y, and z.”

I see your negativity, but you’re not exactly explaining why you don’t agree. So, let’s discuss that!