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Most Relevant rating?

Fiverr added a “most relevant” rating and I don’t like it. It’s literally displaying my only negative review for people to see? This is so unfair. As if I’m already NOT making enough money!


That happened to me too. And now it’s been moved down to the third review instead of the first but still, if it was in order it wouldn’t be showing. And that includes when you click on positive reviews too. This is a gig with almost 900 positive 5 star reviews. Somehow the one bad one is the most relevant out of 900 reviews. I have a lot of rave reviews but the bad one is most relevant.

They have moved up the order of the bad review to keep it displayed in an obvious position.

There are sellers with dozens of bad reviews who don’t have them showing first. From what I’ve seen most sellers don’t even have this feature.

This review isn’t that relevant?

“This spell worked amazingly. It’s defiantly worth the price if not more…”


Maybe it wasn’t recent enough. It probably moves reviews up a bit in the list (but not so much that they are ahead of those about a month more recent?) if they have a lot of text in the review. That’s my guess. Though how much different it is from the average might also affect it.

But it could just be based on date of review+length of text in the review.

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I counted that it should be number four but it’s number three. That plus drastically reducing my impressions on that very successful six year old gig makes me wonder what’s the reason. For most of my time here it was my number one gig.

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I meant the review that said “This spell worked amazingly. It’s defiantly worth the price if not more” probably isn’t recent enough to be high in the relevancy. Is that review > a month or 2 old?

So what I’m guessing is, sort of like I said, and based on your post where you mentioned the negative post moved down, that in the “most relevant” sort it will sort them by age first (most recent first) but then if there’s a lengthy review (or it’s longer or quite a bit longer than a more recent one) it will move up the list as long as the date difference (between that and the one it would move past) isn’t more than about a month.

I haven’t spent much time looking at other love spell gigs but the few I looked at don’t have that feature. They also don’t have anywhere near the number of reviews I have.

As someone else posted that some successful sellers should have the number of orders they get limited, maybe this is doing that.

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I think all gigs now have the “most relevant” sort option, if the gig has reviews. It’s the reviews on the seller’s page (not the gig page) that don’t have the “most relevant” sort option.

You are welcome to look at other love spell gigs such as ones on the first two pages and see if they have that feature. I haven’t looked in the past week so maybe they are rolling it out.

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I just searched for “spell” when logged in with Chrome, and all 8 gigs at the top of the search results default to “Most relevant” as the default sort option for the reviews (like I said it’s the seller profile that doesn’t have the option). Same for “love spell”. Maybe it’s now been rolled out to all sellers. I assume it has.

I did a search for love spell. I went through the first two rows. They do have that but none have a bad review displayed. They seem to have the regular order of reviews. Only two had no bad reviews.

The one that was chosen to represent the most relevant for mine is a 3 star review where the person wrote a bad review meant to discourage people from buying it.

I just find it odd that with the history over such a long period of time for that gig and the number of good reviews, that one was the one that was selected to post prominently. It’s not like it’s a bad gig people need to be warned about. It has a perfect six and a half year history.

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I haven’t checked all, but the one I just looked at switched to a much longer review at the top (which was a week old) when changing to “most relevant”.

The above agrees with my main theory which is that it’s based on review date (age)+length of the review. So maybe rating (1-5) doesn’t come into it as far as “most relevant” sort is concerned. It just happened that your negative review is also the longest review (most text) this month or within a month of the nearest reviews.

It was posted back in the middle of June so it’s more than a month old.


Do you mean your 3-star review? The one that says “I hope it works…” ? That’s currently showing the same way as the “most recent” sort. But if you look the length of text does seem to be a factor in whether it shows higher than more recent reviews when there’s not that many days difference between the more recent review.

edit: Also maybe it also takes about a day for the “most relevant” sort index to update so those reviewed < 24 hours ago may not show correctly sorted?

If your theory is correct then very soon that one should drop down and another long one written around the same time, a very good one, will take it’s place.

I just checked and the order of the reviews is completely scrambled and out or order. I don’t see some of the best reviews at all from that time six weeks ago.


I’m so angry. Honestly I feel like at this point Fiverr WANTS us to NOT make money anymore. No one even talks about Fiverr Psychics anymore.

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I was so curious, so I went on as a new buyer who doesn’t know how to change the “most relevant” to “Most recent” or whatever, and checked all your gigs’ reviews. They all look pretty good to me, 3 or 4 of them, show 1 or 2 bad reviews, but the rest are all 5 stars review. I think you shouldn’t be that angry. Your gigs look pretty good to me.