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Most Relevant Reviews: Only 10 Reviews show, keep repeating!

I see that in the “Most Relevant” reviews there have been ten reviews only which have been chosen to be displayed and these repeat over and over.

It took me several looks at those reviews in that section to realize it’s really only ten reviews, that repeat over and over. I know anyone who reads those will think they are reading all different reviews when actually it’s the same not very great reviews displayed as if they are all different.

I feel this is misleading to people who want to view my reviews on a gig since many people won’t bother to use the dropdown box to choose to look at Most Recent, Negative and Positive. They will read through these ten reviews over and over and get an impression from only these ten reviews.

I have hundreds of excellent reviews but the ten that were chosen are all mediocre. My gigs have over six years of reviews and most are excellent but you might not realize that and not see the great ones, and get the false impression that the reviews are all underwhelming.

One of my gigs was a “fiverr’s choice” for a while and the reviews chosen to be displayed under most relevant are all blah. That gig has been excellent for many years.


When you get a review that is on the longer end it gets added to the most relevant option.

If you don’t get many long reviews then it just repeats the longest10 from the month or back. I actually like this change. Kinda diverts the focus from always running after reviews.

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SAME SAME. I think Fiverr can remove this option. and I think it really effects on selling.