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Most reviews?

I was just curious about how many reviews you guys have! It can be all of your gigs together. Comment how many below. I have 66 half of my customers don’t leave reviews. (just for fun) :smiley:

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I have 1700 reviews out of 2500 orders… Around 70% people reviewed my services… 5 negative reviews till now :slight_smile:

@m2webs how do you get so many sales? :open_mouth:

It is not so many, it is 2-3 per day in past 4 years :slight_smile: But recently it started going up so now it is like 4-5 per day I think.

It is simple:

  1. People are interested in blog mentions/guest posts
  2. I am the best in that category :smiley:
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yah its annoying when buyers dont leave reviews. once a week I go over my sales and message the buyers to leave a review etc but some of them dont respond back.

I have about 150 orders where the buyer didnt leave a review.

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