Most successful at...?


Hi all,
I just noticed this new note that fiverr added on each gig.
It says “Most successful at …” then the price. I think this represents the average price of the gig for high rating or maybe completed orders. It is not so clear what does fiverr mean by “successful”.

Anyway, the silly part is I have a gig which I started few months ago with $5 to get the ball rolling. I had many orders at that time, but now I increased the price to it’s normal (market) one. What is annoying me is when the buyers check my gig they will see this note saying “Most successful at $15”! But hey! The minimum package for that gig is $40!
That will leave the buyer confused I guess!

I think this note should be modified to take into account the price changes!



Folks are :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


they don’t have anything to do… hahahahaha :slight_smile:


Sorry I did not see that post!
I searched on the forum before posting this one but that one did not appear


Not a problem! I just didn’t want you hear :cricket::cricket::cricket: Haha :wink:


Is fiverr implying my gigs are not successful at any other prices?

This seems to be a way to tell my buyers who would be inclined to pay a lot to only pay what the “most successful at” price is.


It’ll affect sellers very much. Buyers will think, "Hey, this guy is most successful at $10. Why not I order a $10 gig to make him do works worth $40??"
Which will lead to a cancellation or less earnings for a seller and also Fiverr. :frowning:


It’s a buyer-friendly move.


Yes I agree, I mean what in earth they were thinking when they came up with this thing!


The terrible thing is that the buyers who contact sellers before placing the order will feel that I’ll charge around that “most successful at” price and if I make a request for more then they’ll think I’m overcharging them.