Mother of all bad offer


This is one of the worse low budget offers I ever get, see the client’s list of tasks and the amount he is offering.

Totally hilarious!

Tip for the new seller, no matter what never ever fall for such offers. The buyer will squeeze you all the time and will never pay a single penny, they will keep threatening for a bad review or cancellation. These buyers know loopholes of Fiverr very well.chrome_2018-09-04_15-16-37


That level of work for $5?? Run hard and fast in the other direction!


Holy moly…have we found the deepest pits of the hell? Is this what it looks like? Is this how it’s gonna be? Ahaha…that request is totally absurd :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi,just type @5000 in the also mention that .u have deduced the price just for him.


I think budget is too much High for that…!! I can change baby’s diaper too with in that budget.!!


It is astonishing to see that there are buyers like that out there.


Wow! $5 for an entire month!!!


More astonishing is seeing sellers bidding to get chosen… and that’s the problem…


Yeah you Right It also depend on seller, that He sent offer without Reading a whole request.


This was his actual words in buyer request section
“I need a virtual assistant who has skills in e-commerce, WordPress and graphic design. Its on a long term basis.”


And there you see all these super skilled sellers bid on $5 to get the job…

Whose fault is it, the blind man or whoever gives him the club? In this everyday’s story, sellers are the most to be blamed.

If no one would respond to this type of buyers, eventually they would vanish and until sellers understand that this kind of demands should remain unheard, we’ll continue to see all type of insulting and scamming requests.


Very ridiculous I must say. If you aren’t ready to pay good money for a job, you could as well do it yourself, right? :smirk:


Exactly, even maids charge three times more for 1 hour work daily for a month.


i think that person has a fiver… shouldn’t be on Fiverr


The sellers can make a different offer. You can bid $10K if you wanted, but I agree that it is surprising that anyone would bid on it because the buyer is probably a nightmare to work with even if he/she accepts an higher offer.


There are people willing to build him an ecommerce store on top of being a virtual assistant for a month for $5? Plus make him videos and blog posts?
Are people actually accepting that offer? :astonished:
He will probably demand a refund after all that work.


You bet they are and not just 1 or 2… :roll_eyes:

Also bet on that one too… :wink:


And I thought I had heard everything…


Though most sellers can only send offers up to $5K. ie. only sellers >=level 2 can send $10K offers.


I am pretty sure about that.