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Mother's Days gifts in other countries


So since Mother’s day is coming pretty soon, I’m guessing a lot of people here are selling/buying gigs related to this.

I myself have a Mother’s day gig out. It’s pleasant when you see those heartwarming messages that are going to be sent to all the

great moms out there.

In Japan, usually we send carnation flowers to moms. I don’t know the relationship between carnations and moms though…

One thing that does tends to bug me is that usually on Mother’s day, we see those little flower stands selling carnations at the

street corners. AND THEY RAISE THE PRICE!! From what I see, mostly elementary school kids buys them,

and for kids of that age, 300~500 yen is a lot of money so they can buy only one or two flowers. Seriously?

You see an 8 year old child, and you charge much more than you usually do? Give them a student discount or something!

I know, I know, it’s business, but still.

So…what kind of flowers ( or other items) do people give to moms in other places? I grew up in the states, but all I

remember from back when I was in 3rd grade is cutting out hearts and flowers from construction paper! :stuck_out_tongue: