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Motivation, where you at?

To be fair I should have seen this coming. January was fabulous for me: I wasn’t working next to fiverr yet so I was pulling allnighters left and right. But come February and I flew off to Italy to work (6-7 hours a day, babysitting…no biggie). And it’s getting hard to keep to BOTH the orders I get from customers AND the orders from the kids. (that by the way only speak Italian…guess who’s the English teacher? :D) And I find it harder and harder to write. I still do it but I’m nowhere near as proud of what I produce as before and well, I’m a lot slower as well. The problem is: I HAVE ALL THIS FREE TIME during the day (mostly, expect for the 2 days at school that I often skip and the cleaning from time to time). And yet, I’ve got all these orders (that I should be so happy with) and I keep postponing them. The trouble is, it’s not the time that I can’t find - well, that too, often, because I happen to live so close to Milano that I’m there on weekends when I’m not working… - but it’s the motivation. I feel like I’m ‘sleeping’ my days away (…like now) and I obviously want to end it

. But before I know it the kids are home and i’ve got a shift of playing football, swinging the little one on the murder-swing and playing Yu-gi-oh with the eldest… I got a face-full of the swing today to make it even better so now I’m even in pain!) But my stupid life story aside, I come with a question to you: How do you beat the lack of motivation? I saw a thread that was somewhat similar, but that focused on procastrination… to which I don’t necessary even get to in most cases (can you procastrinate on something if you are too unmotivated to start it?) I thought money would motivate me but I get paid for my other job as well (albeit not much :D) so…Can it just be that two jobs like this just don’t go well together? Or am I in culture shock? I’m a bit worried of the latter, because my ultimate plan is to stick to the country for a year or two … Sorry for this stupid rant, I feel really silly about it, but I’ve been feeling so ‘off’ like this lately, and it DID kick in when I got here… (…well it kicked in when the coffee machine was broken and my tea ran out…)

‘The Ranting Pot’ is for speaking on Fiverr related frustrations. This post would have fit better in the ‘Conversations’ category.


Fairly sure this is a low-key rant about having too many requests (that’s frustration too no?) But I was on the fence about where to put it, yeah. It probably wasn’t very clear but it’s very fiverr-related given that if I didn’t have all this work piled up I could do what I want… (…which is sleep, sleep and sleep :D) but thank you for the advice.

I’ve been through my ups and downs on this in my time here too. If you really can’t be motivated to work on orders and you don’t want/need the money right now, then go on vacation for a few months and see how you feel after that.
Bear in mind that customers who’ve contacted you before can still contact you so you might have to answer a few messages.
I went on vacation for a couple of months leading up to Christmas/New Year and I came back with a much clearer idea as to what I wanted to do with my time on Fiverr. I kept my two simplest gigs and paused the rest. I rarely now take an order that will take me more than 1 hour. It’s great when you’re not really motivated. The gigs are placeholders in essence. They keep your presence on Fiverr but limit your work. This might be an option for you.

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