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Motivational Moment

Good morning everyone,

I have made so far $750 with Fiverr. Thank you Fiverr.

It might not be look that much earnings , but still it is an achievement and I am happy and satisfied about it. This message, Is to motivate the new comers, it is possible to have your own business with Fiverr. You have to be sincere to yourself and clients. treat them well, build a credential to yourself and the will ultimately create a repeated customers.

Offer bonuses, people like to get rewards on their investment. :wink:

It is possible to do your first sale this week, you just STOP speaking negative inside, saying I CANNOT DO THIS or THIS IS DOESN’T WORK because you are setting your mind along with your emotions to a negative mood and ultimately you will attract more negative to you.

Start learning new skills, maintain it and YES , you are about getting your first sale on board, be ready

Bless you all,


And also stay away from the people that believe in “luck”. They are one of the worst for your career.

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This is very good advice. In any freelancing context, the worst thing people can do is sit and wait for sales. People need to accept that some skills are not in demand or are very already oversaturated in the market. Constantly developing new skills and trying new approaches is what will always separate the winners from the losers.

Well done on making your first sales and all the best for the future!

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Well said :slight_smile:
I really like what you have said and 100% agree with it.

Thank you for your nice comment :slight_smile:
Bless you

Bless you dear :slight_smile:


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Congratulations. You have the right attitude to succeed. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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that is nice, thanks for the Tips

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