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Motivational Tips For New Sellers in Hard Times

It’s totally unpredictable when your buyer responses to your queries and offers! But you should keep trying your best in every single way. I have come across many of my friends who just get frustrated for not having a single reply even after sending 200+ requests. Let me remind you, you are not the only one who is suffering this - there are many more like you. But you need to keep our boat sailing that’s how you win!

These days its tough to compete because every day thousands of new sellers are joining Fiverr and trying to bring out the best in them. You need to make sure you differentiate yourself among them. I am giving some tips below to help achieve buyer responses.

  • Read the buyer request carefully and respond accordingly; don’t just send templates.

  • Due to COVID-19 maybe your buyers are not interested to respond to largely written offers; they are in hurry for work done. So be on-topic and straight to the point, no need to explain yourself in the offers - talk about the buyer’s problem and how you can give the solution.

  • Refresh the “buyer request” page more often and try to send requests when you see a “zero” number of requests sent yet. Most of the sellers send requests when that job already got 50+ offers. The buyer may not go down to 50th number and chose you, right?

  • If the buyer has mentioned his/her name; start the proposal by greeting with their name. This helps to catch the attention that you have read their job offer.

  • You can mention shortly about the similar types of jobs that you have previously done so that the buyer regains more faith and trust in you to handover the job. But don’t fake yourself, be genuine and honest.

  • Try to always give unlimited revisions and deal with them patiently, remember every order counts whether you get reviews or not. Don’t get upset if a buyer doesn’t leave a review :slight_smile: I have completed 5 jobs so far - but got only 3 reviews so its okay.

Hope these tips help you. Let me know if you achieve any success applying these tips. All the best! :slight_smile:


Good,Straight to the point article


Thank you for your nice guideline. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


nice advice. thank you sir :grin: :heart_eyes:


Thank you :slight_smile: I just tried to share my personal experience


Most welcome dear! Hope this helps you. All the best :heart:


Most welcome sir! Hope this help you :innocent:


I do not agree with almost any of the advices you gave sellers here.

In fact, I could just follow this one.


Well, its vary from people’s perception. I am also a seller and doing good in this field so far. So I just tried to share my own experience; it may not be fruitful to you and thats fine :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Hope this helps you. Thank you again


Agree with everything but this. This could potentially be one of the worst mistakes you can do here. As far as I know, unlimited revisions are taken pretty literally here. Choose this at your own risk.


You are most welcome, same to you :slight_smile:


Agree with what you said, but as a new seller you need to give this to gain trust and authority. This is one of the strongest yet challenging thing to deal with…


Two or three revisions are enough for any project that’ll satisfy the client. There are also plenty more things, far more important than revisions, which will help develop trust - such as your portfolio and work experience. I myself have never needed them, same for all the sellers I know who’re very successful. As far as I know, unlimited revisions are strongly advised against in the forums.


Nice guideline. But i think unlimited revisions is a bit more. Because most of the buyers don t understand unlimited revisions.


Very helpful information for sellers, it’s time to improve your gigs and remove flaws very actively

Best Regards :innocent: !


Hello great tips, thanks for sharing them. Good luck to all Fiverr people and i hope you are all safe.

Maria S.


Thank you. You got the right point.


Again very true with what you said; but as I said this is helping me with my new buyers because they become really happy when I tell them that I will give them unlimited revisions which means I will work hard till they are 100% satisfied and they need not to worry about the quality of my work. So it’s fruitful for me in every single way


Haha! Yes exactly this is the point! They dont understand but they become happy when you assure them that you will work hard till they are 100% satisfied and this helps you to build strong and long relationship with your buyer :slight_smile: