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Move your client in fiverr


Move your client in fiverr to insure your monthly or weekly payment
I been scam 3 times already and i don’t wan’t to happen again
so every time I had a new client outside I suggested them to move here in just send your fiverr portfolio and create a 5 working day or 1 month.

this is a super great idea to insure your payment
plus you’ll get more clients


Moving your client to a platform where you have thousands of competitors might not be a good solution for everyone. Besides Fiverr system doesn’t secure your payments. They have made it very easy for buyers to get their money back from you.

I also have clients outside of Fiverr and I would not move them here. If I do all the work and find a client on my own, then I’m not willing to give it to Fiverr and share 20% with them :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m OK to give 20% to Fiverr only if they help me find a client and support order process.

Fiverr is a great place to get started, but you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. What happens if for whatever reason Fiverr decides to shut down your account?


Yes agree with your only problem is 20% commission but they will provide you more buyers i thing it would be a great opportunity


I’m not complaining about the 20% cut, it’s just that I don’t see a reason why I should take my external clients to Fiverr. I make probably 30% of my monthly income through Fiverr. I know how to sell my services outside Fiverr :slight_smile:


But here is the sad… everyone thinking about 20% but they didnt think on the whole week or month payment scammed or run away by client…


Never sell outside fiverr


Are you sure you’re doing all the work? What about all those Fiverr employees that keep the website running? What about CS that helps you when you’re in a jam? What about all those advertising campaigns Fiverr does to attract customers?

I think your attitude is “I don’t want to make $10,000 because I’m afraid of losing $2,000.” My attitude is “I’m happy to make $8,000.”

Think about this. I own vending machines, the small ones that sell gumballs, candy, etc. I paid a locator $44 to find me a location. This in addition to the $150 I paid for the machine, plus $40 for candy. So I have already spent more than $200 and haven’t made a cent. If the location is successful, the machine will make $20 to $40 a month, and I’ll get my money back eventually and then make a profit. Of course, if someone puts the wrong coin in the machine, I’m gonna have to pay a handyman $60 to remove the coin. I also worry about my machine being stolen.

My point is most businesses require you to spend money to make money. Fiverr doesn’t. You have an internet connection, but instead of watching stupid memes about cats, you’re making money without spending money! Why not be happy about that?


By the way, I bought a book on Fiverr suggested by you, one by someone called Christo or something…it was cr@p to be honest…LOL,but thankfully didn’t cost much,liked your own book much better than that :smile:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

You should consider writing an ebook. Maybe about Fiverr, or anything you want. Doesn’t have to be long, you can get away with 50 to 100 pages. Can’t promise you’ll make money, most books fail.


I know, that’s my plan when I start getting fewer orders on Fiverr, it’s been my plan for 3 years now…LOL


Why not start writing 10-minutes a day? Then again, I see how long your queue is, so I can understand if maybe you’re tired of all that writing.

I study German as a hobby. I try to do it everyday. I need a distraction, and watching TV isn’t enough.


No, I want to do other things like exercise, etc. in my free time :slight_smile:


I wish I didn’t hate exercise, I do it sometimes but it’s so BORING. Even walking with an iPod is boring.


You misread my post. Feel free to give it another try :wink:


You’re right, I wanted to reply to gamunu but ended up replying to you instead. I also agree with you. If you have external clients and they’re happy paying you with PayPal or whatever, it makes no sense to bring them to Fiverr. Although I would give them my Fiverr link, just in case there’s something they need but didn’t consider before. Sometimes people don’t know what they want to buy until they see something that attracts them.