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Moved Comment from: "Complaints, Complaints and..." (Account Ban Complaint)

Hello This is Mayank Rana… My fiver account username was ‘mayank25’. I tried to login today my account and it says account is inactive. When i checked the mails , i got in mail that because of your recent activity and customer complaints, we have permanently disabled your account.

I want to know who has complained about my account… I have around more then 500 jobs and got only 1 negative review in my account. How can u delete everything in my account because of some customer customers… I have list of many 100s of customers who are happy with my job… Did u see all reviews on my account before deleting my account… I have more then 584 happy reviews with 5* star rating… If one or two customer complaint then does that mean u will delete everything?? I have spent more then 3 years in fiverr… How u can delete my account? … You cannot delete my fiver account and all gigs and all customers in it… You cannot play with someone livelihood… You are US based company and i have lot of clients from US itself… I want my all gigs to be active … I want all funds back to my account … I want all my orders back which u cancelled … How come u deleted my account without reading all reviews of customers in my account… U have deleted my account just because of few sellers… You should see all list of happy customers before deleting everything. I dont know how will u do but i need all back …

Check screenshot here

How come ur customer support is saying to me "I have poop performance in the fiverr so they deleted my account " . I want to know that even i do had more then 500 jobs and 500 happy 5* rated reviews in my profile then how come ur team just deleted my all gigs , cancelled my all orders , removed my all badges in my account…I have lost all my business because of ur team actions… So please i want my account to be active and everything to be back again. Thanks