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Moved from Another Topic - this one is now for "Old Sellers" who wish to comment

What about not so old and quality service providers??

Mod Note: This was in reference to a thread offering advice for buyers who want to try out new sellers. Since this tangent was on another topic, it was moved.

I wanted to take the opportunity to let any potential new buyers, lurking these threads, that newbies need a chance. Somewhere in the past, every person here had zero reviews and I’m sure you were grateful to that first buyer who hired you.

Why not be that awesome person that gives a newbie the opportunity, that helped you and many other great sellers, a chance!

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The “old and quality service providers” are past the newbie stage and have moved on to level 1 and level 2. It is the beginning sellers that need a boost most, especially with Fiver’s new requirements to move up to level 1. When I moved up the only requirement was 10 orders. Now in order to move up, I believe new sellers need not only 10 orders but $400 in earnings. (is this correct @youssefkamel and @bradencollins10?) Also, it seems that Fiverr may be limiting the number of newbies who can apply for a job in Buyer Requests which makes becoming a level 1 even more difficult for them. I am a level 1 who is thankful I moved up before the new requirements were enforced.

@gina_riley2 as an experienced buyer has been gracious enough to point out that new sellers are not necessarily inexperienced sellers. I think that was thoughtful of her.


Well said, Vickie.

It’s tougher, but at the same time, that new challenge will help bring the best in our top sellers. They may struggle at the beginning but will rise to be a super :star2: .