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Movie talk thread

So since some of us were complaining that the forum is being flooded with the same
questions recently, I’m just going to start a random movie talk thread.
I hope some of you guys can join.
Two questions:

  1. Which movie is “so bad it’s good?”
    (I saw this Steven Segal movie years ago and I can’t remember the title.
    His wife gets murdered at the start of the movie, he gets shot, and this hot looking nurse takes care of him…I think?? I think he had a kid too.
    I don’t remember the ending BTW :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

  2. Which horror movie did NOT scare you at all?
    ( I used to be scared of Child’s Play when I was 10, but after seeing the movie years
    later I thought it was quite stupid and in fact I was laughing quite a lot.
    The doll is less than 2 feet tall, just stomp it on the head and get it over with.
    The doll DOES give me the creeps though, if I saw that in my room, I’d burn it)


Lol! Great idea @zeus777

So bad it’s good movie? Gotta be Pacific Rim - oh, I so loved that very thin story line with the huge godzilla like monsters and robots. And Idris Elba.

Never watch horror movies …

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There are movies. And than there is Braveheart <3



Steven Seagal movies are so funny. He never gets hurt, and he is always whispering. I am a big fan of action movies, so I have watched about 20 of his films. Some of his post-2000 work in direct-to-DVD films have overly convoluted plots, which sometimes make them more boring than “so bad, they’re good”.

My personal favorite “so bad, it’s good” movie is “Birdemic”. It is just… quite an experience. It was made by the self-proclaimed Master of Romantic Thrillers™, so you just know that it is good.

I don’t watch many horror movies (usually only watch them for Halloween), but one that didn’t scare me at all was “The Nun”. Jump scares galore, but not much else.


@antomtjvc I love Braveheart so much. One of my favorite movies of all time. LORD MEL! :sunglasses:

  1. Hmmm … Assassin’s Creed, only watched it recently, even though I like the games, but I’d read it’s bad so often that I didn’t go to see it back then. It showed up on my included in prime page now, though, so I decided to watch, as I wouldn’t suffer through the whole movie if I really didn’t like it but just switch to an episode of The Expanse. It was bad, but it was also good, so … yeah, that’s my entry.

  2. N/A I haven’t seen any horror movies in a very long while, and don’t remember if any of them didn’t scare me at all, I guess maybe my personal needs for horror are covered by watching the news.


That’s easy. Life Aquatic:

The Shining. Even when I was a child, I didn’t get why people think it is so scary. To me it’s just about your everyday case of writers block.


Lol! I love that only non Scottish people love Braveheart - the scots felt insulted by the total historical inaccuracies …

They were, however, happy to take the money for being “extras” in the film … :wink:


My old hotel night porter worked security on the set in Glen Nevis, Fort William, where they filmed a lot of scenes. Apparently, it was the best paid job he ever had. He didn’t get Mel’s phone number, though. :frowning:

  1. The Room
  2. Hereditary

Thank you everyone for all the posts!!
A lot of the names I am familiar with, but some of them I’ve never seen…
I guess I’m missing out.
I had to Google/check Wikipedia for some of them.
The poster for The Nun was creepy though, she’d better not exist in real life!! :scream:

I’ve never played the game Assassin’s Creed, but I do see this HUGE display for the game ( and the movie at one point) at Comic Con every year. You need to go through this obstacle course to win a free Assassin’s Creed T-shirt, but line was so long I gave up :rofl:

Truth be told, I’ve never seen The Shining from start to finish, but I do know all the famous scenes and lines. Here’s the thing though, that famous “Here’s Johhny!” scene never scared me, in fact as a kid I was WAY more scared of that lady that kept screaming. It must be her super pale face, I dunno.

Speaking of scary movies Freddy and Jason never really scared me, but good old Mike? He creeps me out quite a lot. And still does.


Great idea to divert the topic.

The last witch hunter is kinda fun … anything with Vin Deisel is bound to be in the right category, Zeus …

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That reminds me of “Hansel and Gretel ~Witch Hunters~,” ( hated by the critics but
did well at the box office and I personally enjoyed it)

It looks like a fun no-brainer popcorn movie I might need to check it out.
Oh, Vin Deisel. Sorry pal, the only movie I saw from start to finish was
The Pacifier because I was watching while babysitting for my friend’s daughter. :sweat_smile:

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OMG how did you stay sane during that movie…

  1. The Room

  2. Blair Witch Project. I liked the idea but it didn’t scare me.


I already knew it was a “cult movie” (is that a thing in other languages other than Portuguese? You know, a really popular movie for specific reasons) before watching :slight_smile:

In London they have regular screenings of the movie with people dressed like the characters and yelling out the movie quotes all together, it’s really really fun!

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Let me guess…
“I did not hit herrrr it’s bulsh*t, I did not hit her, I did nooooooooooooot”
“You’re tearing me apart LIIIIIIIIISSSAAAAAAA!!!”

Those two…?

I’ve never seen the movie BTW, I’ve only seen those youtube movie reviewers
talking about them. IF I am to see that movie, I’ll need to get drunk.

So did you and @humanissocial watch the movie Disaster Artist??
I heard it was actually good, despite the fact that movie was based on…
well, you know who.

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I haven’t seen The Disaster Artist, no. But I’ve heard great things!

  1. In the Tall Grass (2019)

  2. A Quiet Place (2018)