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Movin' on Up in 2018: Why it's Important to have an end Goal


G’day Fiverrverse. I hope that you are all well and that no one has yet been killed by one of the dust balls rolling through here recently. - Is it just me or is it all a little too quiet?

Anyway, story time. As some of you know I went a bit crazy mid-2016 - early 2017 due to messy breakups and some subsequent nasty personal finance issues. Thankfully, I managed to reel myself in before I got to stage 5 crazy which involves upholstering random things in human skin. It was a testing time, though, to say the least.

Fast forward then to the present and everything is awesome. Work is back on track, I’m in better shape than I have been in years, and I realize now that actually, the breakup was a good thing, as now I’m not pulling a narcissist rock after me everywhere I go… But. Well, actually everything isn’t okay really.

You see, I and my ex moved to Malta together and a lot of why we did was down to her. Worse, as well as still bumping into her ghost everywhere, I’ve never really liked it here. In this case, for ages now I have been trying to think of a new place and some kind of new adventure. The only problem is that the whole world is a ruin really.

Whether it is war or a new kind of hyper-nationalism which hasn’t really come out into the open and said what it is yet, the whole world is a ruin really. In fact, I don’t like anywhere in the world where it is practical for me to go to. In this case, for the first time in 13 years, I’ve decided to simply to go home.

Of course, if you know me, you will know that I hate the English. (No offense). However, the one thing I am definitely against is becoming just another man in suburbia. In this case, in May 2018, I will be buying a narrowboat and taking to the 2000 miles of English canals and waterways, changing the view out of my window every two weeks.

Yes, I’m going to be a literal river gypsy, wandering the rivers and canals and living completely off-grid.

My thinking is that by going home in this way, I will be able to satisfy my perpetual need for new scenery, whilst simultaneously getting to know my old country. Much more importantly, I’ll be able to keep my wee dog happy in the process.

There is only one problem. Buying a boat, moving back to the UK and making all kinds of other pretty huge life changes is going to cost a lot of money. In fact, to make it possible, I’ve got to pretty much double my freelance earnings over the next 12 months.

Can I do it? Well, I have to. I’ve already got friends putting off holidays from work this year so that they can help with things like ferrying me around the UK between different boat dealers in May 2018. In short, I’ve committed to what I want and now I have a duty to me and others to make it happen. And guess what? It kind of looks like I’m going to double my earnings this month. :grinning:

So, here is my 2 cents at the moment. We all talk about wanting more sales etc and we all love to moan about things like algoritm changes. What I myself have recently remembered, though, is that it’s vitally important to have an end goal to actually commit to achieving. It’s easy, after all, to want something. But are you actually prepared to bite the bit and work, grit, and salvilate, until you have crashed through all the barriers which you actually need to to succeed?

If so, what is it that you actually want out of being here on Fiverr and have you actually committed to making that want a reality one day?


I have already achieved my end goal after 3 years on Fiverr, now I am in a relaxation mode :slight_smile:


Writer, you couldn’t relax if you had valium for breakfast.


No, I am in a happy frame of mind, no longer have to prove myself to anyone. Just work for the sake of work now.


Good luck with that.

You still plan on 5ring while boating with your little guy?

Edit: I :green_heart: chihuahua. I had one a long time ago. I miss the little fella.


You never did have to prove yourself to anyone. No one warms their hands over the fires of your success other than you. I think, perhaps, that you are confusing success with just the mental act of remembering this.


I do plan to as I can get unlimited 3G broadband with the right mobile contract in the UK. The trick is going to be supplying my own power and notifying Fiverr in advance of my move and my switch of locations and ISP’s. In either case, though, I will actually be able to cut my financial needs quite a bit and get back on the real world job market if I need to.

A bigger problem might be that I have to take two little guys with me as the Chi which I rescued last year is having a few problems with his new owner, At the moment I’m therefore trying to find a way to bring the whole family back together in the end. - It’s just blooming expensive as to get one dog to the UK from Malta costs a whopping $1.000 in itself!


Yeah, you are different from others, so you know what’s best for you, nobody can/should tell you anything. You set your own path.


I like how it is in India. Maybe things will be different when Modi is no longer PM, but right now, most people feel optimistic here. In the US things are going so crazy that I have stopped paying attention. In the UK, you will have some stability under May.


Don’t you dare bring Modi into my thread!

If Teresa May had a vote for every time you alone mentioned Modi, she’d have already won the upcoming UK election and reestablished the British Empire.

It really is becoming like some kind of mania, Writer. :unamused:


You have such awesome gigs. I wish I had discovered 5r back when I was trying to sell my home. I’m rather jealous that you are seeing the world.


Well, I might actually be able to explode my real estate gigs next year as there is a booming houseboat market in the UK and I will be on-site, mobile, and be able to incorporate real drone footage into my real estate videos! - Providing of course, that Fiverr allows me to keep my account…

Also, when it happens, feel free to visit but do be aware that I will be basically living by different fields in a 35ft long square steel food can!


Oh, only if you knew some of the places I’ve lived! :slight_smile:

That’s a luxury liner, by comparison. :purple_heart:

I was in a shelter at one point. Weirdly fond memories of some of the people I met.

I do okay now, although, there are times I still wonder how I got here or if I’m dreaming. :sleeping::sleeping:


LOL…If only I could meet an Indian version of you :smile:


There is an Indian version of Cy, he’s pen name or username is writer(with bunch #) :wink:


I know exactly what you mean. At my lowest point I used to eat 22p tuna flakes (if I was wealthy enough) and I hated people who would drink $5 cups of coffee when that was my weeks food budget. My hope is to get back to my principles by living much mores simply

I never got as far as a shelter but I know the scary road that lies parallel to that.


Nah…Cy and I are different…he does not like politics for one…don’t think he is much of a nationalist…I’m all “India India”…


I’ve dedicated my life to this site for over four years and made the decision today to move back to the big city: New Orleans. It’s going to be expensive and difficult but I need that right now.


That’s a big move…wasn’t New Orleans wrecked by Hurricane Katrina? Sure it’s safe?


It was years ago. That’s why I left before just before Katrina, I had feeling something terrible would happen to that city. I’ve lived there before and love it. It’s been totally rebuilt since then.

It’s surrounded by water and it’s below sea level, and I saw those dykes that hold it back-- that huge river was only a block from my home, and i had to walk up about 100 huge steps to get UP to the river’s edge. I knew a disaster was looming.

But there is no place like it on earth. I’ve always returned there.