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Moving Overseas With Fiverr - Have You Done It?

Well, this year is flying by and it will soon be time for me to fly away to my new Brexit aftermath safe zone of Cyprus. What is more, I’m not the only one. Apparently, Cyprus and Bulgaria are becoming hubs for UK expats and freelancers from other countries like Greece with apparently, less than favorable freelance tax laws.

My plan is to bed down in Cyprus for two years and reimmerse myself in things I miss here on Malta. Namely, trees, mountains, snow, and wide open spaces.

Sadly, the one hiccup which I am still to iron out with regard to my move is Fiverr. Several forum posts on and off Fiverr, cite changes in geographical location as a serious threat to sellers. Specifically due to Fiverr flagging what they consider suspicious activity arising from a users digital location.

Now, I don’t want to debate any ‘we don’t know the full story etc’ conjecture here. I would ideally like to know if any other sellers have successfully moved overseas and not run into difficulties. - And what they did/how they worded messages to Fiverr to make sure any such moves went smoothly.

At present, my gut is telling me to start reeling in my Fiverr activity a few weeks prior to moving. This way. Fiverr won’t be able to grab any non cleared earnings should they suspend my account. Even then, though, I am going to be reluctant to start selling again. - Specifically due to a concern that if I take myself out of vacation mode and start selling in a new location, Fiverr might still end up suspending my account.

So. Has anyone done this 100% smoothly and/or can anyone shine a light on what magic words to include in a message to CS?

My other platform seems to be bewildered as to why this should even be a problem. (In fact, I think I raised a red flag just by asking if it would be). In this case, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


My whole experience on Fiverr has been traveling and I haven’t had any problems. I think because I’ve been pro-active about it, so I’d open tickets with CS whenever I felt a potential issue may arise…whether is moving places or when I’m on a shared IP (co-working spaces, etc)

I don’t inform them of my every move, but I like to keep a track record so if they would ever question my location I’d have a history of communicating them about it.

My messages have always been short and straight to the point, but basically trying to get them to acknowledge my concerns and even though they never actually gave me a complete ‘worry free’ response I haven’t run into any issues so far.

The one thing I’ve been told is that my location would change once I’ve logged in from a new location for a period of time, but that never happened either.


I used to travel a lot and I never had a problem with Fiverr. I didn’t update anyone.
I don’t think their system even updates your location on daily basis. It took them months to update my location, but it didn’t really bother me so I didn’t care to inform them about moving.

That being said, Fiverr is a bit unique in a sense that they don’t allow multiple accounts and according to some posts they sometimes flag accounts with odd IP behavior. I think in most cases there’s more to the story than people on this forum tell us, but taking a break and withdrawing your balance might not be a bad thing :slight_smile:

Considering that service fee applies to balance credit as well, there’s no reason to keep any money on the account. I usually withdraw as soon as it’s released. That way it’s at least on my account and if there is a chargeback or account closure for any reason, Fiverr can discuss that later with me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the thing is, I’m coming across a lot of non-Fiverr forum discussions about this which don’t make for reassuring reading :frowning:

May I ask how long in advance of travelling you have opened a ticket?

I don’t want to do this now. I’m thinking maybe a week prior to the big off. Either this or sending a message when I get a fixed Internet connection.

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In moments like this do what I do, press CS for answers, get a clear answer even if you have to constantly press them, take screenshots of the answer provided and you should be good to go.

Worst case scenario, you’ll have your account suspended and Fiverr will have a PR nightmare.


Yeah, that’s ideally what I would like to avoid. PR nightmares get ugly, especially when there’s mek-sellers and kids involved.

I couldn’t try and take down Fiverr knowing that the likes of you are here supporting your family and extraordinarily expensive computer purchases. I simply don’t have enough evil in me for that.


I don’t actually remember the dates precisely, but I think 1 week in advance is a good idea, and I’d update the ticket once you get established, something like:

As we’ve spoken before I’ve moved overseas and I’ll be accessing FIverr from this location from now on, so if you could white-list it so I won’t run into any issues with my account…

Can you point me to the discussion you’ve been reading off Fiverr, cause you know…better safe than sorry

I moved from Hong Kong to Malaysia marked exact 1 year this month with fiverr. They won’t bother you much I think but I did sent a ticket to CS ask them update my location after my moved because it displayed HK for about 9 months even I’m already in Msia.

It was a work investment. Definitely a work investment.

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Indeed. The one thing you learn fast as a freelancer is “How can I justify this as a work investment?”

Anyone who is wondering why - taxes baby! Work investments are partly or fully tax deductible, which can make a big difference.


I wonder, would a 3-week break in Panama to recover from Fiverr burnout be deductible?

I definitely could do with a change of scenery and I need to open an err…bank account. :slight_smile:

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I did go back n forth between Greece and the states quite a bit a few years back, but I never faced an issue.

I also travel to the UK 2-3 times a year and work from there, no issues with that either.

I have worked from all over the world. Canada, USA and the UK to name a few and have never had any issues.