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Moving the step to fill up the requirements prior to a buyer makes an order and pays for it

I’ve seen many threads regarding to “decline order” button which would be great if implemented but if it is somehow not possible I would suggest just a simple flow change in ordering as an alternative .

Now in the Fiverr ordering process when a buyer orders buyer first pay and then fill up the requirements .

The suggested change to address the inappropriate ordering to some extent would be to:

Moving the adding requirements step before paying for the gig and ordering ,
So that the buyer at least know what’s required for the work to complete before they pay and order.
Which isn’t a big change for the buyers to just fill up requirements before ordering/paying and it should be beneficial for both parties as well as easier for development team to implement.

PS: I’ve commented the same thing in a thread but I thought this deserves a thread itself.

I hope someone from Fiverr notices this, Let me know what you think on this suggestion and show some support if you think this would be helpful, that might help to grab Fiverrs attention and fix this if it seems feasible.
Thank you so much.

Do you think this fix should be implemented??
  • Yes, this would be so helpful.
  • No, that’s not needed.

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In many ways I agree that Requirements and even a Process is great before someone buys but there is a downside too - altho not enough to not have this in a sane world. But that assumes a sane world.

The Problem
Many customers want to do the absolute least to get their thing done so seeing a list of things they need to do will make them turn away to Gigs with fewer requirements.

Now we pretty well all know as sellers that these will be worse Gigs but that type of customer won’t know or care so will get a crappy job done, blame all sellers, and if they try again, probably choose someone even cheaper, with fewer requirements. They get what they deserve of course but we all get hurt.

If this were not such an issue in this Hipster world, I would be 110% behind your that all gigs have Requirements and even a process of how things will get done right upfront. It says so much about a seller to see how these things are presented. Someone who has one vague requirement and a senseless process will clearly be a poor provider.

this is why so many websites have contact forms with no real questions. This is called a low friction process. Save the friction for later as most will find it annoying and move on. Of course it means more responses of low value.



Very interesting insight.

But since the requirements are already there just making them appear before actually paying for a work is not much of a friction i guess, since payment is supposed to be the stronger friction to the flow than a few requirements only when they are mandatory for a specific gig .

Thank you.


Oh believe me, most people find it easier to part with money than to think



I hope they see this and make the change, it’s one of the few things I’ve never understood about Fiverr. We’re looking at this from a sellers point of view, but as someone who occasionally buys here too I’d love to know what information I need before placing an order or contacting a seller.


I like that Buyers have to pay first.

That way they are instantly committed before filling out the details.

What should be added is a prompt that asks the Buyer to CONFIRM that all the requirements have been met and that the Buyer understands that a contract has been created.

That may cause some Buyers (the ones who read the details) to pay a bit more attention when placing an order.


Even with the requirements being after the payment, it doesn’t seem to stop them. I had buyers skip through my requirements by writing comas and picking a random answer option. I don’t think asking the requirements first would change much, if they don’t want to fill it, they won’t. :sweat_smile:


Indeed. This sort of thing should be cause for a no-fault cancellation from CS. I know in some places that would happen but here…?

What did you do?


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I re-asked the questions in the order pages and they responded. Would have been faster to just write it in the requirements in the first place, but at least I was able to complete to order properly.


Yeah, have encountered people doing that in my requirements sections. :sweat_smile:

@looseink Sometimes for some gigs before before having an order a through discussion is required in order to estimate the time and quote, in those specific gigs I list down communication as mandatory requirement , so yeah as you said even a bit more attention before placing an order would help with many cancellations.

@zreine Same here, I’ve had the same experience even though I’ve added communication to me as a mandatory requirement, but since buyers already pay before filling the requirements only other option would be canceling after seeing the requirements I guess, so they skip the requirements blatantly which is better than cancellation at that moment since the payment is already done and order is already placed.

Yeah I have reached out CS for no fault cancellation a few times and was smooth, but if we could get this feature implemented I believe this kind of incidents will drastically decrease.

P.S Sorry for the edits and deletions, trying to follow efficient forum guidelines :laughing:


I’ll admit, I would be interested in the results of testing something like this. The consumer psychology, and how it might affect the decision-making process.

It’s greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Yes! Or a notification for sellers to check the details and confirm that the necessary requirements have been submitted, before the clock starts. :clock130:

Because although it says to avoid friction - check the order - the clock still starts once the buyer enters info into the requirements section, even if it’s the wrong info. :expressionless:

Nothing is worse than a buyer, not submitting all the necessary requirements - starting the clock, and not coming back online until close to when the order is due - leaving the seller in a bit of a frenzy. :grimacing:


Some buyers don’t even read the gig description and just ordering then they realize this is not the gig that they want and they need a refund, all this happens within 15min and the seller (me) like whaaaaat??? is that a dispute!!!

yes, we need the “decline order” button!! Yes, this deserves a thread itself. and THANK YOU!


We had a Decline Order option thread recently and it got a bit heated. I agree we should have one but some see this as the beginning of the decline of Western Civilization (which may or may not have been their actual argument :roll_eyes:)