Moving to Sweden


Would not have been possible without Fiverr earnings :smiley: Granted, I can’t afford to buy a house, but rent and food and a girlfriend with expensive tastes catered for. It’s all good!

Leaving Monday!


Nice one Ryan ! Enjoy :smiley:


Enjoy. I have a friend there already and he loves the life. Just wrap up warm although should be used to it with this British weather :wink:


Enjoy. :)>-


Thanks for sharing, Ryan. Success stories give one hope. May you enjoy your new life in Sweden.


@ryangillam you will not be able to afford the beer over there! Have fun and don’t forget to change the delivery time on your gigs when you are moving, or you just know what is going to happen.


Enjoy it, niceee




Sweden is great! Welcome :slight_smile:


Good for you. I hope the weather has calmed before you arrive. It’s a “red day” in Sweden on Monday, so many things may be closed (Sunday hours) as it’s a holiday. The public transport in particular may be affected, but can differ a lot depending on where in Sweden you are moving. Good luck!