MP3 gig audio upload problems


Just uploaded my first gig, but have had trouble with uploading gig audio in mp3 format. I followed all the guidelines, kept the length and size within limits, but whenever I uploaded a file it rejected it with “This file type is not supported. Please try one of the following: MP3” . I have tried this with CBR and VBR mp3 files, have tried changing the case in the filetype in case that was the problem and tried uploading from two different browsers (Firefox and Edge, running on Windows 10).

Could you please advise on what I might be doing wrong here, or if anyone else has had this problem.


Files must be in mp3 format, duration must be less than 3:30 and no larger than 10Mb.


could you upload it somewhere so I can try it my self ?


Did you try uploading a mp4? I would suggest to close your browser. Clear your cookies etc. or maybe try a different browser to see if it works.


I have already tried different browsers, as outlined in my OP. I’ve uploaded the largest of the three files I wished to use to a directory in my own webspace at http://******** , this is a CBR mp3 format file below three minutes duration and 3.5mb in size, well within the limits.

After it failed the first time I published this gig anyway using links in the description text to point to examples of my work elsewhere, planning to come back and edit in audio when I figured it out. Should uploading files when editing gigs work the same as when first writing them?

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CBR/VBR is not the issue here.
As @annai80 noted above, Simply create a video mp4 file with a static image and include the desired audio.

That way your gig will have a video for your gig as well.

If all else fails, you can always created a ticket with CS and explain to them in details what you have tried.


Tried uploading mp4 as a video instead as suggested, worked fine (sorry annai80 , I misunderstood your suggestion). Many thanks for your help.

Still don’t know why I can’t get the audio to accept mp3s, but I can go on using video instead.