Mp4 - voice over


Hi Guys, My name is Stuart, I’m in the U.K.

I’ve recently had an ordered delivered by a Fiverr guy. but the problem is that or though the order is completed we we’re still make little changes. the file is a explainer animation mp4,

So, the seller has disappeared from fiverr now, for what ever reason.

My question is, can a new voice over be added to my mp4 video?

thanks in advance



Hey friend :slight_smile:
Absolutely. Simply mute the mp4 file, and add a new voice over to go along with it :slight_smile:


yes it can, just mute the mp4, the lay the new voice over and hit the render button.


Hi, Thanks for your reply’s.

Just to clarify, I’ve got zero editing skills. All I’ve got is the mp4 file



Well, in that case definitely use a fiverr seller for short help with that small editing issue :slight_smile:


As I understood the .mp4 was the explainer video… Do you have the voice over?


Hi, No, I’ve got a script though.

It was my fault assuming that I was in the U.K. that he would provide an English voice over


Now all you need to do is browse for a voice over artist. Then sync the two files together.


Hi, Yes cool, getting a new voice over, easy

Can you do the syncing? or know someone on Fiverr

Thanks for your help!


If you wanted me to do it I could.


great, got to go now, I’ll contact you asap. thanks


happy to have helped.