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Mr. Nice Guy - R.I.P


Well… I woke up from a dream where I was driving in a car and the driver kissed me… in the process nearly swerving off the road and killing us… So … to say I woke up relieved and thankful is an understatement… Then I logged into fiverr.

A video I spent WAAAAY too much time on for WAAAAAAY too little money… received a 1 star review.
Now… my gut told me this was going to happen.

You see… I knew it would happen because I had one of these guys…
This guy … receives a video… from me… and was concerned about our choice of music that we applied.
Fair enough… but we didn’t have anything “Throat Punching” enough for him here at the video store…
He also failed to send in a component required to complete his video at the time.

So… we kindly informed him that in the future we charge a fee for having to modify the video later to add missing components. Seeing as I also did not see it was missing at the time … felt it fair enough to waive the fee… although it’s totally the client’s responsibility to send in everything at the time of the order… We arent that harsh… we waived the fee…


Buyer absolutely hated this… It was simply unacceptable that we charge such a fee and tells us to “charge it if we have to”… ((Obviously ignoring the fact that we kindly waived it))…

Moving on…

We offered several solutions for the client to remedy the music … asking him to send his own , or sending us a link to music that we can apply to his video… We even extended this offer for up to 2 weeks from now and STILL waiving that $10 fee noted in our re-do policy…
(We charge to add/modify videos after their completion - understandable)

" I am not rejecting the video. I like it as is, except for the music. I like everything you did."

HIS RATING = 1.7 Stars
His Review: Image was missing because I did not upload it to match the script that was provided, seller did not bring it to my attention, completed the video and then wanted to charge more money to add it. He spent time explaining how his equipment was $3,500 which are the bills per week at my company. Seller has limited selection of music.

First of all… I’m glad he admitted to his mistake… but that was the least of either of our troubles and he knew it. That problem was fixed within 2 hours of me receiving that picture. <–Fast
He failed to realize that I told him at least 2 or 3 times I was WAIVING the charge… I only told this man about any special fees like that because I don’t want him doing this on later orders… It’s our way of being nice and explaining that we charge for that kind of pain in the … coughs
And yes I told him that we were working on his video with a damn fine set of equipment and that we didn’t want something like the quarrel about the choice of music to be such an issue… so we attempted to offer 3 solutions to fix that for him. (The fee wasnt even mentioned anymore at this point).

He replies very cordially "Can I please have the video then? Thank you." , leaving me to think he’s ok and we’ll work on the music later. That comes after I sent him a full 4 page (1200 character x4) set of messages explaining how we could fix the problem…


Some people just want to focus on the negative things…
Whats funny about this … is his product is some kind of juice that promotes a positive mind…
He needs a taste of his own juice to say the least… I hope he chugs a gallon and mediates on this experience.

What is most disturbing here is the fact that we offered several solutions to the client , and his only problem with the actual delivery was the music. He chose not to send his own … Not to link me any music from the interwebs… He didnt even tell me of the kind of genre of music I should go after… He just wanted “Upbeat High Energy” …
His video was pictures of vegetables and fruits… and whole grains… like… some kind of juice mix. The music was very … jungle-flute , happy , guitar jingling , upbeat , motivating … I can fail on that part… we’re not perfect. but a 1.7 star rating for a $50 video that took at least 4-5 hours of my time is unnerving… But the worst part is … the CLIENT DID NOT WANT TO REMEDY THE SITUATION … He would rather just be a Shh … and focus on the things that had no real impact on the order whatsoever… He chose to not help supply me with alternative music , nor explain more about the kind of music he actually wanted, nor point me to any of the 174,762,434,723 sources of music out there on the interwebs…

Buyers that are able to leave reviews like this after receiving STELLAR support for such a paltry amount of $$ are why I long for the day where something here at fiverr changes. Namely a way to review such reviews and eradicate them. For these clients … good sellers should get some kind of like… get out of jail free card from this kind of plague. There is only one guy who left a bad review on my account and I didnt question it because I could see my fault in the matter. My whole family got sick and he made his project run late. Happens roughly once a year… I get sick… …Buyers beware!

But this guy…today … there was no helping him… And he shouldn’t be allowed to hassle people on this platform if he isn’t willing to work with the seller. Not one bit … He chose to insult me and literally called me a stickler for explaining the policy we have in place that he chose not to read.

In Short… he was more offended at his own mistake and being slightly called out for it… That he just wanted to leave a crappy rating after I utilized his missing picture he forgot to send. He didn’t care about fixing the real problem (the music) … he wanted to leave a 1 star rating and go crawl under a rock and pout about it.

Imagine where I want to shove his “Positive Mind Juice”…

If anyone would like to see the 4 page letter I sent him explaining my policy after he called me a stickler… It may be an interesting read as it walks the fine line that may have triggered this guy. Regardless , as I mentioned in another thread… people need to be told when they do it wrong.

Mr. Nice Guy died today… for real… sticking to the policy … charging the fee everytime. Because , I may as well make $10 more and charge that fee if I already know this buyer is gonna leave a 1 star review right?

Buyer’s … work with your sellers. Especially if they are communicating with you and actively offering you solutions to your problems. If you don’t want to do that … you have serious mental issues.
Do not pass-go , do not collect $200.

What to do when a Buyer wants to be vindictive and Falsely reports your account and you get banned?

Umm… didn’t quite read the entire post but umm… RIP as well? :ghost:


heh … totally me venting here…
When sellers like me over-perform so much and receive a 1 star rating from what was ultimately the buyer’s problem… It make me just want to close up shop… which is a shame because a lot of small businesses have kickstarted their websites and products with our work and they love us for it. Hard to let one bad apple ruin the bunch … but I tell you what… I just about can’t handle it anymore. If we don’t get some kind of support from this , it’s really going to have me looking elsewhere for business. This literally made 0 dents on our business overall… but I try EXTREMELY hard to maintain the best possible rating and I tell you what , It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE and nobody should aim for that on… Which is sad.


Hey man, seems like Bad buyers are a thing this season:

I do feel you, I am a perfectionist, and it hits the heart when there’s a completely unjustified Dufus decides to act upon whatever spoiled their day and throw it back at you.


BTW, could you explain what is meant by the following statement? I’m curious…

He spent time explaining how his equipment was $3,500 which are the bills per week at my company


Just finished reading hers … yea …

All I want is good support here for when this happens (rarely) …
There should be a ratings review council …
We should be able to appeal 1 review once ever 2 or 3 or 6 months or something. Would be the best thing fiverr did for it’s sellers since allowing custom orders


Straight from my inbox: "Besides the $44 that I make off your $55 video here (Fiverr gets $11 !!!) … many would agree it’s hardly worth it considering the 3-4 hours I spent on your video and the $3500+ of equipment used to make it. So I try not to bicker about the small things any more than I have to. But enough about that… just trying to put things into perspective for you here.

I don’t like being called a stickler when giving discounts and sticking to poicy… sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way with this message :slightly_smiling_face: I just need you to understand the issue a little clearer… this is where crappy reviews come from… And I could have just been very short with you… but I dont know how you would have taken that either… so hopefully you understand what I go through here on fiverr… And what it takes to maintain a perfect rating… And How long it actually took to make this 100% manually animated + custom designed video. (that I wont be doing again for this price I assure you lol) …"

That was sent before I spent another 2 hours searching for alternative music for him. (Which is later said to him … this was the beginning paragraph of the 4 long pages of messages I sent him which I describe in my rant) I didnt change a thing… As you can see , I was trying to remain cordial by addressing his issue , professional by sticking to policy , and light hearted with some lols. You can also see I knew he was going to leave a crappy rating. I am a bit psychic too when it comes to this stuff… I stopped offering my gigs when I started doing professional videos (no lie)… Just saying tho…


If you don’t mind me nitpicking. This is my perception of you sent message (I read it as if you wrote it to me). (Also without the previous messages, the context could be completely blown out of proportion here)

First of all I feel that you are trying to undermine me and sort of dissing me. I am here to purchase a gig from you, so I gave you my money, and you are giving me excuses. I don’t really care how much your equipment is. And since you are already talking about bad reviews, you know what, I don’t have time for all your bs. Get it done or I will leave you a bad review.

And it seems like he did.

You should have avoided the emojis, and an explainer, kept it short and to the point, I know you may have felt there’s not point being COMPLETELY professional since you have statistically figured out the negative outcome, but still since you put in man hours, you should always try to minimize damage, if at least you cannot salvage a drowning ship.



Well thats a valid perspective. I may have made him feel just like that.
Was it my intention? Not entirely no… I did want it to hit home. …

But I would have felt it more difficult to continue on with life knowing that I did not explain to him WHY we upset him …WHY we have that policy in place… I mean … if this guy does this again … other sellers here will be put in the same position … by him … to have an order go late … .the buyer have a problem with that … due to their mistake of not sending all their stuff in on timeAgain

You see… I’m saving other sellers here at the cost of myself… And thats how I choose to live.
I’d much rather tell you – “hey man … you are doing it wrong and it causes sellers here a lot of problems if you order like that … don’t follow directions properly… then want to insult us by calling us sticklers”

Thats literally what he did. In a nutshell…

I tried to tell him in the most … descriptive… way possible…
I still can’t figure out if people like me being short to them or if they want the long winded explanation of the issue. I’m still (Socially experimenting here) … so that may answer your question a bit… and may be why it was perceived as being pissy towards the client?

I only hope he realizes what kind of mistake he made. The previous paragraphs really try to put that into perspective. If you’d like I can simply paste the whole 4 pages of stuff I sent to him. At this point , I dont care. He’s not gonna give me feedback on the situation. He didnt even care to get his music fixed…


lol… please dont post your correspondence.
I do get the message you are passing, however, I have encountered several buyers here that are just… (umm has something stuck up their bum) sorta way. No matter how much nice you are to them, they just won’t see the light.

As a seller, I can appreciate your stance but some people just do not care. The other issue is the platform we are selling our products. Since this site is synonymous with being cheap, the expectations of buyers are as such. Although, the double standards in them still demand quality work, they are not much bothered with the ETHICS of things.

You have to learn, some people just won’t change. If you still feel this was unjust, you should really attempt at taking it up with CS. But if you have frequented the forums you may already know the current status of such situations are quite bleak for the sellers, unless they do High volume and are TRS.

I’m leaving you a couple of :heart:s for consolation! :slight_smile:


I feel your pain. Sorry you got this person as a buyer. I had just been ranting on another thread about how it isn’t good to be too nice or giving. This is a good example of what I meant.


Exactly. They are angry about their lives and take it out on you. If they perceive you as a very nice person it makes it easier for them to do that.


I thought about that same thread and wanted to reply back with a brief summary story of this… You are indeed right … and it does NOT pay off on fiverr to kiss the butts of these people who just dont “get it”… They arent aware of the things that they do to hinder their OWN progress and could care less about how you get caught up in their crap…

I’m really sick of it… Really really sick of it…


Better self-gratification, since there’s usually no consequence to their actions.

Crush that little ant…


Oh I have…
I came to them with the fact that the buyer’s review is inaccurate simply for the rating given and he said he “liked everything except the music”. And I focused on the fact that he wasnt willing to help me remedy the situation and the fact that I offered several options and still an on-going option to fix it for up to 2 weeks from now… Which I’m official revoking , right now in this moment.

Thanks for your time and feedback dj … I’m gonna switch it up and just be “Short” with clients in the future… I dont care anymore about this crap… I just … dont care anymore… This is me throwing my hands up and letting Mr. Nice Guy die.


Well said. Their own lives are horrible, and it’s because of their own lack of awareness of how being messed up has done that. So you become the target, the reason du jour for their terrible anger and misery.


Thanks for your kind words.
You said the keyword “Awareness” … =/
tips hat


R.I.P :ghost:

"If goodness is in your blood, don’t fret my friend, as Karma will have it, you will have your good days as well." - DJ GodKnows


But, you can’t become LIKE them. It might be easy to do if you get bitter. Then you start going around making everyone else miserable like they do.


Thats what I’m struggling with… Its making me more angry and bitter than I want to be…
I tallied up the total for his video and it came out to be $160 ish
I charged $50 on it… Another reason I’m upset… I gave this guy a good deal because it was work I could do during my downtime.(as it didnt involve me to shave + appear on camera this time) . I undervalued myself and yet again it bit me in the ass.