Mr. Oranje on Fiverr


Hey everyone,

I am a Top Rated Seller from Chichester, England. I am currently traveling with Oranjegirl around the globe and have been for 3 years now. We have been on Fiverr now for about a year and have over 20 services ranging from Designs, Promotions, Video, Voiceover to Getting your Job done!

We have now completed over 5000 jobs jointly and continue to produce more and more thumbs up. Our goal is to achieve such stardom as those Super Sellers of Adam, Jo and Marty. (and Madmoo, she should be next :slight_smile:

So anyone that we can help with advice or even exchanges services to help you learn more then just give us a message!

Mr. Oranje


Need Oranjegirl and I to record a video for you??