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MrsPanda's Top 10 Buys for June

Herro. So, I think this is legal to post on the forums, xD I’m gonna follow in musiclover’s footsteps and put my top 10 favorite gigs for June, in no particular order.

(Made my profile picture for my Facebook page.)

(I did a trade. She gave me a real, honest testimonial that she wrote, I gave her a free Tarot reading)

(He’s so cute!)

(She communicates very well and very talented!)

(I was SO SICK of everyone in my subcategory copying my gig description so I hired her to make me sound awesome. And she did!)

(She drew my son and made him look absolutely adorable)

(Fellow Tarot reader and Featured Seller! I run to her every single time I need a second opinion and she is the ONLY Tarot reader I trust to give me an accurate second reading)

(Color therapy! I used him twice already. I enjoy his calming energy and how sweet he is!)

(I had a bit of postpartum depression when I gave birth. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to identify what was really going on and whatever she did actually helped me!)

(He is SO amazing. I was actually raving about him with another seller here and we didn’t realize we were both talking about the same seller!)

And there it is! I know it’s not the most diverse list in the world but buying on Fiverr is like Christmas for me. When I get that ‘delivered’ e-mail, I go nuts!! I will literally get out of bed at 4am just to see the delivery and these ten sellers definitely made me happy!

Good thread! I’ve recommended deannabalestra in a past thread as well. She has a way with words. :slight_smile:


I’m going to try a few of these now. The one for rewriting a gig description sounds awesome!

Reply to @musiclover: I actually bought her gig cause of your thread!

Reply to @alliemadison12: She is absolutely amazing. My friend in my niche literally saw it and was like ‘I WANT ONE.’ She ordered too and she somehow managed to make our nearly-identical gig descriptions sound amazing and unique!

Reply to @mrspanda: SWEET!!! I just ordered her gig again for another website I have. Her delivery time has increased though, but she’s still the best writer I’ve dealt with so far.

Reply to @musiclover: Pfft. I’m impatient. I am very ‘EXTRA FAST’ happy…

Reply to @mrspanda: Me too. I only usually order gigs that have a shorter delivery time but I was confused with the new fiverr terminology. :frowning:

If I can put in my own 2 cents… MrsPanda is an AMAZING Tarot reader and she’s been SPOT on the couple times I’ve purchased her gig.

Reply to @kiffinyjean: Thanks Kiff!!

And CONGRATS on TRS! I’m so jelly :stuck_out_tongue:

OH MY! I did not know you recommended me! squee! :x


i mean, nice finds

@mrspanda thx for the great recommendations. I would like to contact you or Jasmindolly for a tarot card reading but both of you are no longer available on fiverr :frowning:

Please let me know how i could contact you or her.

Thanks SOO Much!


Just checked out your listing. It sounds like a great service, is the website I’d love to look at it some more and see what it has to offer for my own services.

Take care and welcome to fiverr!

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