Now, did I get your attention? haha

I will make almost any architectural/object 3D model with precise dimentions according to a plan you provide.
I can texture models, render, and make a 3D mapping for any 2D image to turn it into 3D.
Why would you choose my gig? That's what you always ask yourself.

3D modelling is an expensive industry, esspecially in architecture, a 3D model for a textured building is no less than 50$! A simple empty warehouse model can cost 200$!
Please see this pricing affiche:

I make high quality and accurate 3D models for any structure/building/city/object you need!
I have done multiple jobs on other websites too, so I have a good experience with what clients want.
I will always keep showing you updated about the work to get the optimal result.
I hope that you consider my offer!
Thank you for time!
Best wishes


Oh you’re gonna get attention alright…any minute now…


Oh great… He’s going to start spamming again… Someone please just perma mute this guy.


Reply to @est1990: First, my gig is working and I have done 5 gigs so far and counting and banning me will be a loss.

Second, this is not spamming, this is advertising, as I didn’t break any of the website rules, I can name my thread whatever I like.

Thank you for your concern.

They say the weather on Uranus is wonderfull this time of the year.

P.s.: A Uranus year is 84.3 Earth years.

Have a nice flight! :smiley:


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Haha


Bro, you’re so professional!! I like you!! “I can do what I want, but thank you for your concern”. I mean, look I like @est1990…she has dazzled us all, but I respect your Independence. You’ve earned it!

I will order a gig later, but please stay with fiverr. I have a good recommendations for your person today.

  • Can you animate a 3D model and make a video? I know this will take time, maybe do this only one time for a really cool main gig video!!

  • Create AMAZING 3D “SCENES” to use for the persons model as an EXTRA. Or FREE bonus if sales are slow. A popular background would probably be a “city” background. So, spend time making a really cool, detailed 3D city with cars, taxi cabs, disgruntled pedestrians, the whole city!! That way, instead of a plain black background to deliver with your model, the person can have a perfect “scene” to show to whoever the work is for.

  • Just keep being awesome, someone will see this and SPEND, SPEND SPEND!!! $$$


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Haha, that’s great :smiley: thanks!!

Yes but I can’t make human or animal models, but I’ll learn how then I will propably make a an animated video, like a short film, that would be great.

Yeah sales are indeed slow, since my client who was willing to pay 200$ didn’t answer from some time.

A 3D city scene would be great to push my sales a bit, but it will certainly need time to make.

Thanks for your tips :smiley: