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Mubashir1malik : I will be your social media marketing specialist for $10 on

I want clicks on my gig. Please help me.

First off, I need to ask…

What is a social media marketing specialist?

Do you have a certificate of some kind that grants you this skill or is it something you’ve “picked up” along the way?

Second, I looked over your Gig.

I would delete the reference to “unlimited revisions” if I were you.

That’s just asking for trouble.

Trust me on this one.

Otherwise, have fun and good luck.

Oh, by the way, do some extra research here on Fiverr.

You only have about 500,000 other people competing against you so it won’t be easy picking up a ton of new business. But it’s out there.

You just have to read more from Fiverr (the Terms of Service to start with) and concentrate on improving your skills.


Please help me.
I am a newbie